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  1. I wonder if i met any of you yesterday anyone sit in on the trade seminar?
  2. According to my finance professor (a penn econ grad), you know someone is from penn if they turn everything into a bellman.
  3. just want to add that colorado is bringing in a junior development faculty: http://siepr.stanford.edu/peopleprofile/3151 and a senior or junior energy/environment economist of some sort (not sure who has been hired for the later)
  4. I am at Colorado and I would concur that we outperform relative to our ranking in trade, environmental, and to a lesser extent development.
  5. Nice, thanks for the link. Always surprising when there are quality EJMR threads
  6. At the end of your PHD, the econ job market Reflects from an Emory PHD placed at San Diego State (2006) http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~hfoad/memoirs.pdf Michigan PHD to Stony Brook (2012) Noahpinion: How I survived the Economics Job Market AEA Job market advice: http://www.aeaweb.org/joe/articles/2011/job_market_guide.pdf Economists who want to enter the polisci market Economics PhDs and the political science job market | Chris Blattman
  7. I would say it seriously narrows down the departments where would consider spending your time downloading faculty CVs. There aren't really any great field rankings though, so we are stuck with what we have. Alternatively, one could play with https://econtop.uvt.nl/rankingsandbox.php . See which schools publish the most in the journals that most interest you.
  8. Field Rankings at IDEAS: International Trade (9th in US, 13th worldwide) Rankings: Trade & Development (20th worldwide) http://openeconomicsnd.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/grijalva-nowell.pdf (12th in US) but field rankings are a crapshoot
  9. A fun way to learn Python to do economics. Computational Economics I used this to get down the basics
  10. Did not like this textbook. While learning probability from it was somewhat helpful for heading into the first year curriculum, I assume a math stats course would have been better prep
  11. whether or not the programs are different, dphil = phd
  12. Just a quick comment about your LORs: letter from non economists/mathematicians are basically worthless as a third letter. I specifically asked a grad secretary at a top 25 about getting one from a policy phd who was a thesis advisor for my personal "soft major" (an MA as well) and she said that given I studied my "soft major" it would signify that I didn't really know what I was getting into edit: also if this is helpful to you, here is my profile and results from last year, coming from a non-econ "soft major" background http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/130345-profiles-results-2011-a-5.html#post857437
  13. To echo the rest: First year micro/macro use optimization theory heavily. so at least for preparation, I assume that course would be the best.
  14. 2/3 my first semester at a top50ish, exhausted and performing barely above the median. so so exhausted
  15. at my top 50ish school those with analysis were in the minority
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