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  1. A place to share share hopes, anxieties, and disseminate information throughout the waiting period. Good luck!
  2. I think you've applied to the right mix of schools. There will be some noise, which is true for everyone, but especially in your case. Your letters are really crucial with such a mixed profile.
  3. This isn't related to graduate school admissions. Closed.
  4. None in CA would be better than Berkeley.
  5. Your resume should be no more than one page.
  6. I think you know that your performance at a non-elite program is likely going to limit your next steps, at least in a regular Econ program. Given your interests, therefore, you might find greater success at econ-adjacent programs such as Public Policy, Public Affairs/Administration, Economics of Education (Delaware, MSU, Columbia, and Vanderbilt have such programs), and so on. If you aren't "dead set" on regular Econ, these programs will likely place less emphasis on math and give you the chance to do what you appear to enjoy.
  7. The thing is, this should work, but it likely won't. You'll find that doing well in courses and research while also working is not feasible in 3 to 4 years, maybe you could do it in 5 or 6 years. Even then, you'll find community college classes and an online master's will be discounted. You'll also find that the instructors in these online classes might be grad students or not active researchers, meaning their letters are not very valuable. If your goals do not include academia, you might find that doing an MPP (in person, not online) and then a PhD in Public Policy can get you where you want to go at much lower cost.
  8. I wish Erin had never added the upvote and downvote.
  9. I see a number of positives in this profile. On the other hand, poor grades in math and micro are problematic. Also, it sounds like your "best" letters won't be from Econ PhDs. I'd recommend doing a master's if you really want to get into a top 20 school.
  10. My advice has always been to take it easy the summer before beginning your PhD. Watch some youtube videos on calc review, if you must, but don't stress out about math. My second piece of advice is, assuming you have X hours to devote to preparation, that the MB of getting ahead on research exceeds the MB of working more on math.
  11. I'm not an immigration lawyer, but entering the US on a tourist visa when your actual purpose is to attend college would be violation of the terms of the visa and could get you deported and banned from entering the US for years. Do not enter on a tourist visa just so you can begin your PhD program on time.
  12. If possible, do not take the pass/fail option in math or econ classes. Explain to your math and econ professors that you are intending to go to grad school. Hopefully, they are relaxing standards to compensate for this insane situation.
  13. I don't mean to be dismissive but the obvious choice is to go to Brown. CMU is a great school, too, but Brown is better ranked and provides better connections and opportunities. Delaying admission by a year to do an RA position makes sense if you expect a big improvement in where you might get admitted. That's unlikely most years, but especially next year when grad school becomes very attractive because of the inevitable downturn in opportunities in the current climate. Just look at what happened from 2009 to 2012.
  14. Not much difference between these options. But, if you are into development, then being closer to DC will help - so I'd vote for VA Tech
  15. Just ask them, politely. "It would be great to speak with [professor name]. Just to help me prepare, should I consider this an interview that is part of my application to the PhD program at [school Name]?"
  16. Grad school is hard. We all need a support network. Your medical situation makes life even more complex. I would consider trying to find a suitable program closer to home.
  17. If you're going to be quitting in June to start a PhD, what is the issue with using the PTO? Alternatively, some admitted students visit on a day that works for them rather than on the actual visit day. If they want you to attend, you should be able to get a 15 or 20 minute meeting with the director of grad studies, lunch with some current students (but maybe don't expect it to be paid for), and you can do a self-guided tour of campus (or the walking undergrad-focused tour). Visiting on a different day also gives you some time to check out the town/city. The school would probably pay for your travel costs and one nights accommodation. Given your constraints, it may make sense to take a week off in late March to visit the places that you are admitted.
  18. I'm not sure what a Grad Level History of Thought book would even look like. Instead, those classes would actually read Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Hume, Marx, Menger, von Mises, Hayek, Keynes, and so on. You could begin with The Worldly Philosophers.
  19. Yes, you are admitted. You should attend the visit day if it is a school you are considering. Like fundergrad says, this is big commitment. Go check it out.
  20. It's that time again! Institution: Program: Decision: Funding: Date: Notified through: Comments: For funding, please report the type of funding, tuition waiver, stipend, time period, and work duties. You can list actual stipends in dollars or use the following rough guides - anything around $15k is one "$", anything over $20k is "$$", anything closer to $30k is "$$$." Example; Institution: Podunk State University Program: Econ Decision: Accepted Funding: Tuition waiver + 4 years stipend ($$), first year no TA responsibilities. Date: 2/13/2020 Notified through: Phone call from DGS Comments: Podunk State has always been my dream school! Woohoo! NOTE: Absolutely no "comments" allowed. If you have a question for someone PM them. If you think it would be of interest to the community, start a thread.
  21. I'll start them but few people contribute. The site has seen dwindling usage over the years. Plenty of lurking, but a lack of interaction. It's been a weird ten years!
  22. Sorry for delay on this. Life happens. As usual, this is a place to share info and your anxiety/joy as the admission process unfolds. Good luck to all and don't be jerks.
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