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    Study material

    Latest edition of Barron's doesn't have the long word list as the antonyms and analogies are phased out last year. Princeton is good for test taking strategies but questions have some errors. Kaplan has good practice material. ETS, as usual is the most authentic for practicing though it has only little to practice. Manhattan guide has good strategies and covers lot of mathematical theories; but I found the questions excessively hard. If you have trouble remembering math, you cal also rely on Nova quantitative guide.
  2. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Well, I haven't really got this part "As always, students can opt to send up to four score reports for free by choosing institutions on test day that will receive these reports. However, by sending free reports on test day, students will not get the chance to use the ScoreSelect function." Could you please clarify?
  4. Hello Eddie, welcome aboard. You can certainly practice old GRE exams at least for the RC and SC sections which is not much dissimilar in the new version. Practice is the key to get better in those type of questions. Brush up your maths with official guide and you should be just fine. You can also use Princeton and Kaplan's guide as they have extensive questions and important test taking strategies.
  5. Hey chief, those're some really good tips. I also found some of those prep book words to be insanely difficult. Kudos on your score. :)
  6. Congrats on your performance, man :victorious: Thanks for the debrief. Could you please explain how you felt "math was much more difficult this time around". Did you have long probability or permutation combination question?
  7. It depends on your major and program of interest. Your GPA looks good and you should get admission in master's program. You can start looking at university's admission requirements and contact with the professors.
  8. http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/concordance_information.pdf
  9. Both of your scores will be reported to the recipient schools. Your previous scores will show up in both the scales while the latest one in the 130-170 scale. You can use the concordance table to calculate your estimated score of 2007 test on the new scale.
  10. In fact, the range of 750-800 which was given in the test center was a rough measure of your performance and due to some statistical calculations took place during last two months (by ETS), some of those scores got downgraded to 730 level.
  11. Well, the confusion about the new scale seems due to the proximity of verbal and quantitative scores. In the prior scale, people used to get more familiar with verbal 500 quantitative 780 type of score which in the newer scale has converted to 153 and 163 respectively, with a difference of only 10 points. This is how ETS has spread the new percentile scores to help the admission committee assess their applicants easily. In fact the recent ETS publications on scoring patterns have mentioned about it although they haven't yet determined the mean and standard deviation of the scores in the new scale (which could possibly be around in June'12). @koka - your quantitative score equals to 530-540 in the older pattern and it should suffice your college requirement.
  12. According to concordance table published by ETS, you have got between 460 and 470 in verbal and 790 in math. So, your estimated score in prior scale falls in 1250-1260 range. But, the interesting part is your estimated range of 1270-1470 which you were given in the test center. Could you mind remember the split of that range into verbal and quantitative?
  13. Looks like you scored around 1300 in terms of older version. I would give a more valid guess if you could split up 314 into verbal and quantitative.
  14. 1. Your phones would be kept in a personal locker and you will get access to that when you will be done with your test. So, you can communicate your mum later. 2. You can NOT bring any paper to remember the recipient school names. You have to keep them in mind. 3. You can NOT bring any paper or pencil in to the test room. and above all, I urge you to reread the GRE bulletin (registration bulletin) thoroughly so that you can avoid any unwanted circumstances.
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