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  1. Chateau, what you are doing is trolling. I’m 99.9%+ in iq. I know for a fact there were viruses on the computers I used at Pearson/prometric. Ah f it, I found all the courses I need at a local university.
  2. Where can I find real analysis, topology, and probability theory? I’m looking for fully online courses.
  3. Quite simply, I want a phd in econ because I want to pursue a career using it. I like the idea of producing research. And say working for the fed or a quantitative finance desk. I interned in market risk and noticed I lacked the math. So I decided to complete the required courses for the society of actuary test requirements.
  4. I completed Calculus 1(A), Calculus 2©. The reason for a C in calc 2 was bad teacher. I received As in all prior math courses. Currently, I'm registered for calculus 3, intro to linear algebra/differential equations. What do you mean by 13th percentile? The ets website says.... 51% quant.
  5. Are there any programs out there for people with average gre scores? I don't know why I'm not doing as well as I should. GMAT 2009: 590 GMAT 2017: 440 GRE 2018: 153Q 143V Anyone out there in a similar situation who got into some phd programs in econ/finance?
  6. Hi, I'm going to be a Finance PhD applicant and have a few questions below. Please review my profile and let me know what you think? Background: GMAT Practice Tests (710-730), aiming for 740+ Bachelor of Arts - Economics (GPA 3.20) Economics Courses: History of Economics Theory, Intermediate Microeconomics Theory, Trade Unions & Professional Associations, Monopoly & Competition, Statistics for Economists, Industrial Organization Theory & Tactics, Public Finance, Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory. Master of Business Administration - Finance (GPA 3.50) Finance Courses: Advanced Corporate Finance, Applied topics in Finance, Investment Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Portfolio Management, Risk Management., Capstone(Empirical methods of Finance). Mathematics Courses: Calculus 1/2/3, Linear Algebra, Statistical Methods 1/2, Introduction to Real Analysis Work Experience: 1 year of internship experience in Investments 2 years experience as a Teaching assistant 1. Have I completed enough courses in Finance? 2. Am I missing any courses? 3. What school ranks should I aim for? Top 20, Top 50, Top 100?
  7. Is the salary of a TA/GA deducted from a financial aid package? For instance, say it costs 25k to attend a university (including room/board/books misc) Does a 10k stipend get deducted from the 25k and a student arrives at 15k to be paid.
  8. Could ya'll help me with a list of universities to apply to? Top 50 programs in Finance.
  9. What phd programs transfer courses from an MBA finance?
  10. I'm just curious to know what gmat score I should aim for. I'm planning to apply to Phd Finance programs next year.
  11. A little background on me: (IQ) Above 151 UCLA Economics BA Graduate Completed English 1-2-3 Completed Calculus 1-2 I studied Kaplan premier. Scored 590. Do you think the test center cheated me? Right now, I think so, because how the hell do so many of you score above 700? Is this forreal? I'm shocked right now.
  12. Like the title states: What programs in finance require a MBA or MS finance degree? I have noticed that some programs which require a 3.5 gpa or higher usually have lower average gmat. My profile: IQ: 175 GMAT: 590 (First time, studied only 1 volume of Kaplan). GPA: 3.2 University of California, Los Angeles Economics BA Planned: MBA Finance - UNLV Average gpa at UNLV 3.50, Ucla was hell... =(
  13. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend a phd program in finance. Could somebody help me with identifying some textbooks. I need the title/author/isbn of finance textbooks related to investments.
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