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  1. Did you make it? My advice would have been to attempt tofel for every test they had till your last FPGEE expiry date.
  2. Hi, it's been a while form in this forum. I am also interested in Virginia area. I got my FPGEC in 2013 and left it aside. Now I am considering to go further. Can I do Naplex exam before finding intern position. Is there such thing as you have to do Intern or naplex within a certain months or years? Thanks
  3. Well done on your achievement. Congrats!
  4. Has anyone done or know someone that did a course in order to be able to look for an intern job while studying in the US. If yes, what course? That way at least I will be close to the US and able to find intern. How much does it cost for a company to sponsor an intern from outside US? Thanks
  5. Got my FPGEC last year but put it on hold after reading from this forum that it is difficult to get intern. Two people that I know already doing their intern so it is possible ... it's not only that we have to be lucky but also determined to succeed and our effort is the result. Of course chances are lower if you need sponsorship or not living in the US. Can you please advise me how you got your interns and what I need to do... Thanks in advance.
  6. to be qualified as a pharmacist in Canada, do we really have to get 27 for Tofel Speaking? Isn't it too much to ask? Is there anyother way? Is IELTS easier?
  7. EEA-qualified pharmacists | General Pharmaceutical Council
  8. I got my certificate yesterday. Took NABP 28 days to issue the certificate but 6 weeks to start processing it (i.e.) from the time they received TOEFL results from ETS to entering details on their system took longer than the decision making.
  9. I don't like what I read: Lies about pharmacist job market - Pharmacist Jobs | Indeed.com
  10. I have been collecting emails from some pharmacies but not done anything yet. Do I ask for job first or send my Resume and cover letter? How long does it take to get a visa once I get sponsor? Any state where there is less pharmacy saturation? thank you in advance :apple:
  11. any idea where I get information about independent Pharmacy in US. Which website gives that information? I am also not in US so I can't go job hunt. Thanks 101ku
  12. Dear ex interns or Pharmacist... Please can you pass me any information how I can find internship soon, any state even if it's volunteer work. I don't have SSN or any sort of visa except I can stay in US as a visitor for 90 days. Also if you know any independent pharmacy out there. Awating for my FPGEC. Thanks :apple:
  13. LishaD

    Intern hours

    Thanks for the info Smiley1982. That's too long. Any state that considers your previous community pharmacy experience as part of that hours?
  14. LishaD

    Intern hours

    Can someone tell me what is 1500hrs in days or weeks or months? How many hours one can work as intern in one day?
  15. I made it! My writing went up from 22 to 25 after rescoring. Thank God! That's the end of my TOEFL little woe! Rescoring works! I was 90% sure I deserved 24 as I answered all points for the integrated part. Best of luck for all of you who's struggling to pass like I did!
  16. Hi Tino, you made me wonder about rescoring! Do you mean you are more likely to pass, if your listening, reading and writing or speaking scores are over 24? i.e. ETS also look your other score to finally decide if you should get higher score or not.
  17. I wouldn't if I were you cause your chance is not 50:50 but 25:75 since you have both writing and speaking. Instead join Notefull or Toni or whoever provide Toefl online class ...voxopop is also really good way of practicing your speaking and record yourself till you perfect it... slowly you'll start to improve and can see the difference... practice continuously. Writing: for the independent - get your templet right, for the independent - keep practicing with timer and word count. Save that $120 to treat yourself for your hard work. But if you think you did deserve w24 n s26 then go for it!
  18. How long have you been applying for internship? Are you also limiting the states you want to do your Internship? Never lose your hope! :torn:
  19. I wrote my speaking templets during the reading and listening instruction. Then after the break, the lady took her time so I started making line and preparing the pages. Little that I know, the lady was watching me on her screen and took the paper away and brought me new. @ Prometric test center. They also search you with metal detector. Other test center I found them easy going, can jock with them and you will feel at ease.doing the test.
  20. not yet Tseprep. I just applied for the writing to be rescored.
  21. I've just applied for rescoring in the writing section as I believe I should have gotten 24 not 22. I did not miss any point on the integrated section and I got fair. On the independent writing, my ideas were all over but still got 3:5-4. Just doesn't make sense to me. I once asked for rescoring on the writing even though I missed one point and my score did not changed and it was obvious. Not this time! Surprisingly I got 26 on Speaking.
  22. I.K.U congratulations and best of luck getting internship. :)))
  23. ok I got 22 for the listening even though I thought it was hard.
  24. I have taken 4 test in one month and there is no problem. Also, had to come to US to do the toefl. Best way to get 26 on Speaking is by doing the test evey week. Then your mind switches to exam mood & more likely to pass. Happened to me once but writing got me down. Why would they restrict it? If they do - no $$$$$.
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