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  1. Smiley1982 Congratz on receiving your certificate. I too received mine last week. Which state(s) are you looking for internships in? I am based in CA.
  2. Thaierah143 Once you have passed the FPGEE and the TOEFL with min required scores (and you have also asked ETS to send your TOEFL scores to the NABP-FPGEC directly), they will finish final evaluation of your application and send you the certificate. In the meantime you can call the NABP office and ask the operator if they have received your TOEFL scores, etc. Simplereg I had taken the TOEFL last year (2009) with passing scores.
  3. I received my FPGEC today from NABP for the Sep 2010 exam. :)
  4. Hi When did you take the exam? I took the Sep 2010 and am wondering about the processing time for the certificates. Thanks
  5. I too passed with a 81 score. Didnt think I could make it... God's miracle...
  6. Hi I will be taking the April exam too and would like to join the group as well. I have to take it as a re-exam so have not started the application procedures yet for it. I have CPR, Lippincott and Pharmaceutical calculations. I live in Campbell CA. I am a stay at home mom so I can meet anytime convenient.
  7. Hi rhea pharmacist Santa Clara? That sure is good. I live in the San Jose/ Campbell area. We can definitely meet. I will be around for only about a month and then I am going out of country for the whole summer. Atleast once we get a head start we can communicate by emails. Cheers Pharma-champ
  8. Hi Shahp I am glad to see these messages though only recently. I live in the San jose area what about you? Pharma-champ
  9. Hi you can contact me at neejuparamesh@yahoo.com. I live in San Jose, what about you?
  10. Hi Anyone in the CA-SF bay area taking the Sep 2010 exam who might be interested in a study group?
  11. Hi Malika I am also taking the sep 2010 exam. I am San Jose California. I can join an online study group is you all are planning one. As well, are there any exam takers in the Bay area, CA who want to meet up for a studying?
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