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  1. Congratulations on the great admits! Personally, I would go for MS&E. This course is very flexible and you can tailor it to your requirements very well. Besides, you're likely to have a more well-rounded education at MS&E, studying along with students from diverse backgrounds. Good Luck!
  2. Excellent sklamba!! What are your areas of interest? I believe you can consider those while making your choice. Congratulations! :)
  3. I've been admitted to MS programs, including UMich, but don't know about PhD admits. Btw, you can't be serious about the MIT thing! Only one female?!
  4. I dont think anyone should make their decision based on financial aid. I suggest you go to Stanford no matter what! Work out a shoe string budget and live frugal, but GO! Congrats!!!!!
  5. Congratulations Morassa! Great admits :) Have you received any communication from UCLA yet? Or any of your friends received admits from them? Thanks!
  6. HI TMians! I was browsing through the Admissions Results page and thought it would be convenient to have our latest admission results for Fall 2006 posted into one thread! This way, as we get more admits, we can keep updating into the same thread, instead of making new threads. :hmm: Erin had a more apt name for this section of the forum earlier: "Success". We want to know your success as well as the less-important disappointment. Please post your profile in brief and your admits/rejects. I have tried to make a short standard format so that it doesnt take forever to fill in, but feel free to add more details if you wish! Let this thread be irrespective of the field or program; everyone is welcome to post. OK, Let me start with myself: Field: IE Program: MS Specialization: Manufacturing/Logistics GRE: 800Q, 730V, 5.0 AWA TOEFL: 300 GPA: 3.82 PU, India Work Exp: Yes, One Year. Admits: Georgia Institute of Technology University of Michigan Ann Arbor Ohio State University Penn State University :grad: Rejects: University of Wisconsin Madison Texas A&M University Ugh! :mad: Awaited: Stanford Purdue I'll keep updating as (if! :doh: ) they roll in!
  7. Thanks jhesham! I'll surely remember your post till the day I take my TSE :)
  8. zorrillo


    Rainth the book is available with footpath sellers everywhere. Its a very popular book; red cover, and costs around Rs.100. If you dont want to bother with the hunting, I guarantee you'll find it in Crossword. All the best :)
  9. I dont think it's a problem. If the professor has offered to put in a word for you, they probably will not reject you. The professor's word counts a lot. And outright rejecting somebody based only on verbal score is not something a school like Gatech is likely to do. All the best, and congratulations in advance :)
  10. I don't think you need an MBA: Its best you once again rethink the reasons why you want to do an MBA: 1)You dont want to be stereotyped as a lifelong 'technical guy'. 2)You want a change in your job profile You may want to reconsider whether securing an MBA will give you these. The world is getting to be more and more specialized, i.e. more towards the technical side. You may want to look for a more 'general management' kind of job instead, albeit on the technical side. Also remember, the grass is always greener on the other side - so do some self study before making a decision. All the Best! :)
  11. Awesome, congratulations! Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and PHD AND Dukes?! Man, that will take some time to digest ;)
  12. Many Congratulations DR. HOLDEN ;) All the best!
  13. Thank you guys :) But I'm far from relaxing! Have to plan my education on a tight budget. How are things with all of you? Mishum, no news of Dingus. He's probably sitting in the university of his dreams now :) Test Magic is a strange place. It brings people together only for a very short while, and the departed seldom return. My field is Manufacturing. And guys, you should try jogging! Especially during these tense times :)
  14. For 2) Jill=J, Bill=B, x=hours to complete some xyz work. J=x B=2x Then, rates: J=1/x B=1/2x Working together, J+B=(1/x)+(1/2x)=3/2x, which is the rate. Thus, number of hrs=2x/3 A=2x/3 B=3x/4 Im multiplying both columns by 4/3x, A=(2x/3)*(4/3x)=8/9 B=1 Since 1>8/9, Ans B. For 4) Keywords: 1)mutually exclusive=a person can belong to only one group 2)difference between no of people in one group and the other cannot be more than one. Possibilities: {3,3,3,3,3,3,2}=7 {4,4,4,4,4}=5 .................. Ans D, cannot be determined. For 5) 13*3=39 ie. (3,6,9,12,15,18..) Every odd mutiple is an odd number and every even multiple is an even number. odd={1,3,5,7,9,11,13}=7 (column A) even={2,4,6,8,10,12}=6 (column B) Occurance of odd is greater than even. Ans A.
  15. Dear All, :D I had gone jogging and left my cell phone in my room. On my return, I saw I'd got 5 missed calls and one sms message from home! (I am currently in a different city on a job assignment). I was wondering what could be so important, when the good news struck! This is important: Please do NOT get bogged down with the rejects that come in. This was my scene a few days ago: University of Wisconsin-Madison: Rejected Texas A&M University: Rejected I think they didn't even bother forwarding my package to the department. I was wondering what the hell was going on! :whistle: Then I got the admit from the #1 program in my field.. Listen, there could be countless reasons for rejection, but remember that when a university realizes your true potential, you'll be admitted. Be patient, and all the best!
  16. Don't be ridiculous. If you're a third year student from India, nobody expects you to have major publications. Are you qualified enough to write authoritatively on any burning topic in your field? Don't compare your undergraduate education system with that in the US. If you can get your project report published, superb; but your admission doesn't depend on it.
  17. Rule of 3: A car travels 50 km in 30 mins. How many kms does it travel in 15 mins? 30 mins == 50 kms 15 mins == ? Rule of 5: 3 machines print 25 pages in 40 secs. How many pages do 5 machines of the same type print in 20 secs? 3 machines == 40 sec == 25 pages 5 machines == 20 sec == ? Easy. They are called so because of the number of terms involved; 3 and 5 resp.
  18. A very big Hello to all of you! It's been a while since I posted that article, and I'm very glad its still useful to a lot of test takers :) Wish you all the best on your GRE! You bring back memories of frantic revisions and practice exercises. I'll say that its a wonderful experience to go through it!
  19. For 8) Travail- sweat, toil and tears. So D) Indolent.
  20. Congratulations ggwggw and yuangyai! :) TAMU standards are very high these days, and hence those are excellent admits! I have a question - can you take MS IE and major in Industrial Management, or is it a different course altogether? Please let me know.
  21. 38) Agree with you. answer is 'distinctive'. 42) - "The consistency of the clay was crucial; it was pounded meticulously and mixed with water to make it entirely even in texture" "pounding=beating" 45) IMO, none of the above! 'slip' or 'glaze' gives a glossy finish. "A glaze is a form of slip that turns to a glasslike (=glossy) finish during high-temperature firing" "the potter smoothed the exterior surface of the pot with wet hands." Wet hands smoothed. Nowhere is it stated that it gave a glossy appearance. Smooth=glossy? I don't think so. "rubbed with a round stone or similar object to give it a shiny (=glossy), hard surface" Given the options, I agree with you. As for the rest, I second Dingus (A very helpful TMian; deserves all the rep points he's got) Michael, something tells me you're using the GRE approach to these RCs. Don't read the entire passage and try to make sense of it. When faced with a question, classify it as "detail", "structure", "vocab", "inference", etc. For detail questions, read only details. In other words, dissect the passage little by little. Thats what Dingus has done bolding sentences - dissection. Most of the questions you had doubts with were the simplest kind (detail), with the answers clearly mentioned in the passage. Don't get bogged down with these. Doesn't matter if you don't understand the passage, just search for the answer. Good Luck
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