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  1. Thanks a lot to all of you for your useful suggestions. i have started the prep again with OG12 and then i will move to OG10. My main focus this time is to build stamina so that my mind remains active till the end of exam. yesterday i got my AWA score which is 5.0
  2. During my prep i never wrote 2 essays at the begining. Intially i use to completely skip that section. Later i started giving 10 min's to each essay, only writing the useful points. on the day of actual GMAT i was striving hard to complete my essays. on that day i realised that i have a terrible typing speed. By the end of AWA section i was feeling stiffness in both my hands. verbal preparation:- i started with OG12 and felt most comfortable in doing CR. SC and RC was not good. I was doing lot of mistakes in SC ques and RC always took more than alloted time (say 10 min for a passage with 5 questions). Accuracy was also low. if i do 20-20-20 questions, there were around 12 SC 14-15 CR and 12-13 RC answers correct in each section. Then i came to know about MGMAT SC and powerscore CR bible. I went through both the books. Definitely i felt that my SC has improved after reading MGMAT SC but i can't say anything about CR. still i had no definite approach to crack CR questions. Still i was using my instinct to solve them. Read the question and solve them. Then i moved to OG10. I solved all SC and CR from questions from it. SC accuracy was still 14 and CR 16 out of 20 questions. After that i solved RC from Verbal review book 11th edition. i was never able to solve RC questions in alloted time. if i spend more time accuracy will be high but if i spent less time then i will do mistakes. i have to read the passage atleast twice, and then related paragraphs while solving questions. Also i never studied in 3 - 4 hrs blocks. I always use to take break after 1 hr. i think that habit cost me dearly. i was not able to concentrate during my GMAT exam and was feeling exhausted. i was just passively doing the questions. Yesterday i came across this fact on one of the site but don't know about its authenticity. >[/color] i got the same pattern. my first question was SC, i felt it was very easy. 2nd question was again SC. Third question was RC and 4th question was a passage to me. It was a small passage but extremely abstract. i guess I failed miserably while doing that passage. i was more worried about the time and at the same time was feeling fatigue too so i went on and on and finished verbal section 2 mins before the alloted 75 minutes time.
  3. The only thing i can say that it was horrible. How can i get such a low score? yesterday i gave my GMAT and score flashed on the monitor was:- Quant 48 82 percentile Verbal 20 19 percentile Overall 560 Even in the wildest of my dream i had never thought that i will get such a bad and humiliating score. I knew that verbal is my weakest section and i had put lot of efforts to improve it. And the result was evident, i never got less than 650 in any exam which i wrote in last one month. Princetion test - 650 in both exams Power prep 600 and 660 MGMAT 660 (47,33) GMAT prep1 700 GMAT prep2 710 i couldn't believe after the exam that i got such a low score.i was stunned and i had not enough energy to walk down on the road outside pearson centre. i was not able to figure out why i got such a low score? Initially i thought it's a cheat. Somehow i reached home and started analyzing why i got such a low score. These are the few things which i could figure out:- Writing essay took lot of toll on my mind. My typing speed is terrible and i was not able to write all my thoughts. By the end of AWA section i started feeling pain in both my hands but i was putting extra effort to write down the essay. somehow i finished the AWA section. when i started maths section it was OK. i was stuck at few questions, was not able to recall Alegbra formaula for 1 question and couldn't get time for last 2 questions. i felt during the exam that i am not doing good, though felt it is OK if not excellent. When i started verbal section i was felling tierd. My mind was not fresh and active. i was passively reading the questions and answering them.I was not able to apply the fundamentals which i have learnt. Even though i felt during the exam that i am doing well but when result flashed i was stunned, completely blank. i guess fatigue played the most important role. It was my inability to read actively during the exam casued me dearly and completely doomed me. i didn't have the stamina to write a 4 hour long exam. Definitely i will write GMAT once again but don't know from where to start, what to read and how to prepare but one thing is sure i am not gonna leave it because i am felling humiliated.
  4. what is flaw in this logic :- No. of ways = 4 * {( 1 m and 1 w ) or ( 2m ) or (2w)} = 4 * { 6c1*3c1 + 6c2 + 3c2} = 4 * 36 = 144. There are 4 ways of selecting 1 women out of 4 womens so that there is alteast 1 women in the group.
  5. what is OA?? No. of ways = 4 * 9c2 = 4 * 36 = 144
  6. suppose the people in the room are x1, x2, x3, y1, y2, z1, z2. x1 has 2 siblings x2 and x3. similarly x2 has 2 siblings x1 and x3 and x3 has 2 siblings x1 and x2. Thus 3 people have exactly 2 siblings. same logic for y1, y2 , z1 and z2. Thus 4 people have exactly 1 sibling. ways of selecting 2 person so that they are not sibling = (1 person from x and 1 person from y) + ( 1 person from y and 1 person from z) + ( 1 person from x and 1 person from z) so total no. of ways of not selecting two siblings = (3*2) + (2*2) + (3*2) = 16. sample space i.e selecting 2 persons from 7 = 7c2 = 21 probability that those two individuals are NOT siblings = 16/21. Please let me know if this is correct?
  7. probability that both books are not defective = 1 - probability that both books are defective. probability of occuring an event P(E) = n(E)/n(S) where n(E) = no. of favourable ways of occuring that event and n(S) = sample space. no. of ways of selecting 2 defective books out of 3 defective books = 3c2 = 3 ways sample space i.e no . of ways of selecting 2 books out of 15 books = 15c2 = 105. probabilty that both books are defective = 3/105 =1/35 Therefore, probability that both books are not defective = 1-1/35 = 34/35.
  8. Thanks for the reply. what shall i do to improve CR and RC, especially CR. I came to know CR Bible is good so shall i review that book? I have 2 months left for the GMAT exam so please let me know how can i optimally utilise this time. I can devote 2 hrs on weekdays and weekend is mine.
  9. Dear members, Day before yesterday i gave my first gmat prep test and my score was 610 (quant 48 and verbal 25). So far i have completed verbal section from OG12 and working on quant section. My GMAT date is 1st September 2010 so i have another 2 months to prepare for the exam. My experience during the gmat prep test. Quant section - I couldn't time this section properly and for the last 3-4 questions i was short of time. In few data sufficiency questions i was stuck and it took lot of time. Out of 37 questions 12 questions were wrong in this section. In first 20 questions i answered 4 questions wrong but after that i made the most of the mistakes. As i mentioned earlier i am still solving quant section from OG12 so i hope after solving them i will become more confident in solving DS questions. But please let me know how I can improve quant scores further, which other book or study material i should refer? Verbal section - I know this is my weakest section and i am working on it over the last 2 months. I feel that i have improved a lot in this section but i couldn't perform well in the test. Out of 41 questions, 19 questions were wrong. I started the test really well and my first mistake was the 9th question which was RC question. After that i failed to concentrate and made lot of mistakes. I was feeling panicked and restless during the exam. I was not able to read the passage carefully. I had to read the CR or SC question twice thrice to understand them but Inspite of it i was not able to analyze and understand the things. I was just marking the answer without knowing if i am marking it right or wrong. After the test I again solved those 19 questions in 38 minutes and marked 12 questions right. Dear members please tell me how I can improve this. During the test how can i keep myself cool and calm? What strategy should i adopt? At the same which book or study material i should refer? How can i gain more confidence so that i don't panic during the test? I am eagerly waiting for the reply. Thanks in advance.
  10. c and E incorrect - many another is wrong. B and D incorrect - subject is missing after Like many others of his generation of Native American leaders, [subject missing] so A is correct
  11. For me (A), © and (E) are out. out of B and D why can't we select D. The argument of the telecommunication equipment manufacturers' is that "it is impossible for a country to remain repressive when telecommunication equipment is widely available to the population of that country". So the assumption is that the equipments are available to a larger population hence telecommunication equipment imported would not be available solely to top development officials. but it can't be an assumption as it is already stated in the the argument. premise + assumption (unstated premise) = conclusion Using method of insertion. [Companies in R that manufacture telecommunication equipment such as telephones and fax machines have argued that exports of their products should be exempted from the ban.] {premise 1} [Of all exports that could be sent to Country S, telecommunication equipment would be the most effective in helping citizens of S oppose that country’s repressive government.] {Assumption - unstated premise} [it is impossible for a country to remain repressive when telecommunication equipment is widely available to the population of that country.] { conclusion} Please explain why D is incorrect ? Thanks
  12. (B) is the correct answer. it is stated in the passage that increase in movie ticket rates has caused few people watching movie in theatres. so it is likely that increase in video prices will also cause same effect and inturn people will come to theatre to watch movies again. (C and D) - piracy word is no where mentioned in the pasaage so isn't it too much of assumption if we take into account these statment for theatre owner's strong belief. can't we eliminate these type of options straight away as they are not mentioned anywhere in the passage. Experts Please comment?
  13. Method of elimination can be applied here to find out the correct option. a) In an adjacent county, all of the cases in which police shot suspects involved officers with SWAT training. Incorrect becasue what has happened in another country can't be applied to smith county. This doesn't strengthen the idea in the passage that officers who are trained in SWAT training shot down the suspect while making an attempt to arrest them. b)SWAT training stresses the need for surprise, speed, and aggression when approaching suspects. Incorrect becasue infact it weakens the argument presented in the passage. c)Only 15 percent of Smith County’s SWAT training course is devoted to firearms lessons. Incorrect becasue it also weakens the argument. if only 15% of Smith County’s SWAT training course is devoted to firearms lessons it should not affects the instincts of Smith County officers, making them too reliant on firearms. e)Some Smith County officers without SWAT training have not been on a firing range in years. this is irrelvent. it is talking about the officers who haven't for SWAT training but passage is concerened abt the officers who have got SWAT training. So correct anwer is (D). can anyone please explain how D is the correct option
  14. Q- with the onset of video-fever, movie halls in the city are facing their worst recession in several years. This coupled with the rising movie ticket rates over the last few years, has really paralyzed the theatres, leading to empty houses and moaning theater-owners. However, one theater owner was quite confident that things would change. which of the following, if true, would most explain the reason for the theater owner's strong belief? (A) some moviegoers still enjoy watching films on a big screen with its associated stereophonic sound system. (B)Video cassette prices are likely to zoom, following a govt notification increasing excise duty by 50% and banning imports. © several popular film stars have openly condemend video piracy (D) the govt has decided to clamp down severly on video piracy. (E) In terms of convenience and comfort, people prefer a movie at home simply bcoz they need not watch it at one sitting. can anyone please tell which is the correct option?
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