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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to arrive at success in economics (economic interest+some math -> pick math up -> win, or pro math skillz+some econ. -> discover interest in economics -> pwnage). But who really knows, we're mostly just undergrads.
  2. I know very little about Western Ontario. The only thing I know about the European programs is that LSE is really expensive.
  3. I think this board agrees that some of the best master's programs are in Canada (UBC, Queens, UToronto) (not to say that its perfect or valid information, just what the forum agrees on).
  4. If you're that frustrated, then just use the forum for its intended purpose: a place to discuss and ask questions about admissions to Econ. PhD programs.
  5. I'm just a graduate (from undergrad.) with limited experience, but I've gotten this impression of question vs. approach as well. There seem to be lots of interesting questions (not that there isn't room for more) that have already been posed, but many people take many different approaches to solve them.
  6. Its best to construct your profile evaluation request in the standard way (you can look at the roll call thread) and then make a note of math classes you plan to take and anything else you'd like to say.
  7. My usual advice would be to go ask one of your professors what he/she thinks your chances are. If your public policy professor is actually an economist and has written letters for lots of students for PhD programs in Economics, then you can ask him/her. Letters are really important for admissions (from what I've gathered), and it seems like letters from non-econ/math people are weighted much less heavily (than letters from econ/math people). If you are applying this year, you may have a tough time in the 20-40 range given that the only math you have during application is Calc 1-3 (and LA and Numerical Analysis at schools that let you send fall grades) and your grade in Calc 3, the most advanced of the sequence, is a B+. Then again, I'm a lowly recent graduate (from undergrad.) so its best to speak with a professor (or grad. student).
  8. I can't completely remember. I *think* I failed to say exactly why I wanted to study economics, or if it was in there it was a mess. I may have also been unclear about my research interests. My professor also made sure that a very large part of the SOP was devoted to work on my thesis and details on some econometric techniques I used (which was nonexistent in my first draft). She also had me include a short statement about my interest in some of the broad research topics of professors at the school to which I was applying. For instance, if a lot of people at a certain school were working on a topic in which I had any interest whatsoever, I would say something like, I would like to study XYZ at school ABC (I wouldn't lie and say I was interested in a totally random field or topic, but if the school had people working in something connected to my (broad) research interests, I would put it down).
  9. Is there a professor you are close with who could help you out? I remember I sent my initial SOP to my professor and she ripped it apart. My final SOP was nothing like my first draft . That's not to say yours is bad or anything (I didn't read it so closely), but its always helpful to have a professor who cares check your work.
  10. Ask your professors. If one is a top empirical micro. economist worldwide, he should be able to comment on your chances.
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