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  1. Hi I did otr this year itself. In my opinion the castle tests are somewhat tougher than the final otr. Try nbcot official guidebook as I felt the level and framing of questions were quite similar. If you score around 70% with honesty and sincerety in this book then you should take a shot on Otr. All the best and ask anything else you have doubt in.
  2. Hi Annie This is gunjan from New Delhi . I am Also in same dilema but some agencies have told me that few studemts from phillipines have qualified on the 4 1/2 year OT degree but your programme shud be recognised with wfot. From where you have done your ot grad, according to me you shud apply thru category B . I am also doing the same. Gunjan:tup:
  3. Hi this is gunjan, even I am interested in giving OTR but could u please explain that if I am eligible with 4 1/2 year Bachelors and if they consider any additional distance education OT qualification? or I have to do MOT? CONTACT DETAILS DELETED BY MODERATOR. Please use Test Magic messaging system.
  4. Need advice for OTED category B process - I have done 4 1/2 years graduation in Occupational therapy from WFOT recognised college in 2008 and did 1 year PGDiploma in Occupational therapy from Distance Education from non WFOT recognised organisation, would I be elgible for OTR ? I did all my education from new delhi. Has anybody else given OTR with similar qualification? Please guide me. Thanks.
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