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  1. Man, CEMFI is like hell. Has solid placement but if you come here, prepare yourself to doing nothing else than solving problem sets for two years. Academically it is very good but non-academic environment is very bad. I (and many other people) feel suffocating here
  2. He should also think about the reaction of the professors of the department. Probably they won't be very happy, especially if he got scholarship/funding.
  3. This also depends to the school that you will transfer, I guess. For example if you are going to a shool with a ranking of #55, this is not very meaningful. Of course this depends on your profile, etc. But as you are at the top of your class, it seems like you have a high probability of transferring to a significantly better program.
  4. On the department's website, it seems as one of the first years metrics courses did not have an instructor. Also, it is rumored that Startz is leaving, so who do you think will teach the first year metrics courses? About macro; do you think that Turnovsky will continue to teach core macro sequence next year?
  5. By the way, could any of U Washington people tell about the workload of teaching assistants? Is it crushing, or is it at a reasonable amount?
  6. Funnily, one of my friends e-mailed Minnesota to ask why he got rejected and he was told that they had made a clerical mistake. They told that he was listed very highly on the waitlist now :)
  7. People, this is a little off the topic but it would be fantastic if we opened a thread that we ask & share data sources.
  8. I also got the e-mail asking about the level of my interest in the program. However, it is very hard to answer this now since most of my applications haven't resulted yet. I guess most of the people who got the e-mail are in the same situation. It could be better if they sent the e-mail one month (or something like that) later.
  9. Some schools send results even in the weekends. I don't remember the school, but this happened just last week.
  10. About Duke acceptances; I don't think they are fake but I find it strange that there is no mention of the waitlist.
  11. That's exactly what I've been wondering. Why do they ask other schools I apply? That's none of their business.
  12. Sure he has right to tell what he thinks. But I completely disagree with him. By April, we will see where gkhn will be admitted. By the way, gkhn, what about your SOP?
  13. What is your AWA score? I think this score will help you to get over the cut-off.
  14. :hmm:I am not really a micro-loving person, but I will consider this if I get admitted. Thank you for your answer.
  15. Thank you for taking your time. Since you've been to both schools, you should be one of the most suitable people to answer that question. If you don't mind, I have another one. On the webpage of U of T, it says that students should choose a sequence (micro, macro or econometrics). Other than their chosen sequence, students take two MA core courses on other two fields (and some electives, in addition). My question is about this, do you know when do students choose their sequences - is it just after arrival? And secondly, do you think would it really differ (for future academic life) to choose one or another ( especially if the person is indecisive between two)?
  16. Really? I searched other topics, but probably this is a point I missed. Thank you for informing.
  17. 1. Very well equipped. Our placement officers are great, and very well connected. In my MA year @ Queen's, everyone got a job who wanted one, a number of them in the public sector in canada (Federal/Provincial Gov't, Bank of Canada) as well as 2 students @ GrantThorton and 1 @ Deloitte, all three in transfer pricing. I can't say anything about Toronto, though. Job placements are very well, but what about academic placements and education? Can you compare master program of Queen's with UBC (or Toronto, for example) on academical grounds?
  18. Achillisharry, will you apply to UPF or BGSE (or do they differ)? I don't know whether I am making a mistake or not, but when I try to search about Econ master program of UPF, website links me to the BGSE :hmm:
  19. Man, calm down. I don't think I've been abusive, but if I got you angry, I apologize. And when it comes to issue of humanity, yes, I think so. Anyway, people's ideas may differ and probably I was a little pessimistic about your choices. Rethinking under the light of what you told, I think it is a high possibility that you will get into a top 15 Ph.D program.
  20. Sure, I guess the admission committee knows this best since they are experienced in it. I wish the best for you then. Good luck.:)
  21. Ok, I understand but isn't it possible that you are overevaluating your university? Many people do that actually. What I mean is, you can never find somebody saying "My department is too easy.", even if this is the truth. Of course, I am not making any claims about METU, rather I am pointing a common mistake.
  22. Sure, I also agree with that. However, it is uncertain that whether adcom members will consider this or not. My view is US academicians tend do underrate non-US institutions in general.
  23. gkhn, I wish I could say the contrary but the situation does not seem very bright. Your grades are perfect, but adcom may not view your grades as a high achievement since you got them from a university in Middle East. Difficulty of obtaining top grades from a US university and a Middle East university may not be equal(maybe that's reflected in your low GRE quantitative score). Your AW score is another drawback. Still, the level of courses you took are quite high(like real analysis, mathematical econ, etc). My guess is aiming between top 20-30 is reasonable for you. Of course, going to a MA program is another option.
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