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  1. I will buy the rxprep, please PM me the price and how to pay
  2. Which edition for rxprep and how much please ?
  3. Hello Anyone know how long do it take the board of pharmacy in nj to get back to you after you send the application papers? Thank you
  4. can i join ? what is yr id ?
  5. Delaware and Virginia
  6. Hi can I count my intern hours as a volunteer in NJ in a private pharmacy ? I do not have SSN ?
  7. i am waiting now for my FPGEC certificate and i am confused about what should i do now i am in NJ ,, how to apply for a intern license ? what are the requirments ? where can get the application from ? another question : i do not have SSN but i have fedral tax ID number , can i apply for the license or not ?
  8. i just passed the toefl ibt today ,, and i have couple questions how long would it take to get the certificate ? and is there is any thing that i should do or just wait ? i am on H4 visa , and am not eligible to work , so if i am gonna volunteer my intern hours in NJ , do i need an intern license ? i called the board today and they said no but i am not sure about that
  9. wow ,, cograts !!!! it is great that youu keep trying 24 times ,, that is awesome ,,, tell us more about your experience please ,,, any tips or advices ,,, i need 26 in speaking and i tried 7 times and i could not get a score higher than 23 , and am still waiting for the 7th result :) ,, pray for me
  10. sounds like it is your first trial :) DO NOT WORRY ,, i feeled the same as you in my first trial ,,, but i got a good score , it was not good enough for me as i need 26 in speaking and i did not get it in my first time ,, but i did great in all other sections ,,, by the way what is your required score ?
  11. actually i particapted in one of those free test ,, it was a research and it requires that u take a test within 3 weeks before or after the free research test and they send an e-mail for all those who registered a test in this time
  12. yes it happened to me ,,, i got 20 once and after rescoring it became 22 ,, and in the next time i got 20 also and after rescoring 23 ,,, so it happens ,, u may got 3 mark ,,, try , and by the way they will refund you if there is any change
  13. try to request a re scoring
  14. congrats for your scores ,,,, i have a question ,,, HOW DID YOU GET 30 IN SPEAKING ? any advices please , i need 26 in speaking and i am still struggling to get it
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