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  1. thanks this is very nice to hear... I just don't want to restrict my choices by choosing a broader-sounding degree (such as dev. studies).
  2. which one did you end up doing? I am curious how it all turned out :D
  3. Well I am mostly concerned about career flexibility. the course in oxford has a strong methodology/research component and I can make it as economics-related as I want since I am able to specialize in the second year. I am confident that the knowledge and skills acquired can easily be transferred to other fields other than development, but I am unsure whether employers will be able to recognise this.
  4. Hey all! I would like to get some views before I could make an informed decision about which course I should pursue. I have been admitted to both LSE International Political Economy (MSc) and for Oxford's Development Studies (MPhil). And, I am unsure where to go. My academic interests lie in the political economy of oil-rich countries and hence both courses are suitable in their own manners. I am attracted to the programme at Oxford much more, since it would give me training in other fields of study (such as anthropology and history), and has a focus on development (which is really my thing). At the moment, I am not very interested in pursuing a PhD later on, but it is an option I do not discard. My dilemma is the following. Although I feel very interested in working within the field of development, perhaps wiithin international organisations or NGOs, I am daunted by the job/salary prospects of a worker of this industry. It is often an exploitative and insuffciently-payed industry. Hence, I am not sure whether a development-oriented course would restrict my career options in the future. How truly "defining" is my choice of a Masters? Although I really love the programme at Oxford, I am not sure whether I should go for it and go to the "more-flexible" LSE instead (which would perhaps enable me to work in development at first with the possibility of switching industries if I want to in the future... e.g. business and govt.) Is the choice of a masters as defining as I think it is? Having studied Development Studies at Oxford, would it be very difficult to switch industries, say a job in business in the UK? Or would I have it better going to LSE? Thank you! :rolleyes:
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