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  1. Hey, I applied to the January deadline and heard back by mail about 2 weeks ago. I live in the UK though. I know that at least for undergrad admissions they get in touch via email with overseas students. So I guess it depends on where you live.
  2. Cool, good to know. By the way, I don't think it's true that the MSc is unsuitable for anyone who's not sure whether to become an economist. Upon completion you can go into DPhil programs in both Economics and Development Studies, the same is not true of the MPhil in Economics. What's your plan ? Have you already figured out what you want to do with your life ? :-) (And what's your background if I may ask?)
  3. Thanks for your advice, Frederic. I guess I just dread the boring first year of the MPhil (with only Micro, Macro, Econometrics and Math). I understand that that's what is considered a "rigorous" training - thanks to the obsession with math at US universities - but I don't want to waste the next two years of my life dealing with form only, not with content. The Graduate Institute at Geneva has an interesting program where in addition to a rigorous training in the core disciplines you can also take classes in areas such as migrational economics, resource economics, etc. and it's even possible to take a handful of courses in other areas (politics, international affairs, history, development studies). For someone who is not sure about doing a PhD and staying within the bounds of economics this seems to open more opportunities... I just called both the Economics and the Development Department at Oxford and they say it is technically possible to change from the MPhil to the MSc but depends on whether they still have spaces available in May or at the beginning of the term. They even said it has been done in the past (last year there was a case exactly like mine) so it's definitely in the realm of possibilities. Would love to hear if anyone has ever done this or knows of someone who has switched.
  4. Hello, I have an offer for the MPhil in Economics at Oxford but want to change to the MSc in Economics for Development. Due to a recent existential crisis, I'm not sure I want to become an economist or stay in academia -and due to the change of the MPhil program and the fact that I didn't get ESRC funding, I'd prefer to do the MSc in Economics for Development. Does anyone know whether it is possible to switch from the MPhil to the MSc? I assume that entry to the former is harder because the program is more rigorous but on the other hand they are run by different departments and obviously the MSc in Economics for Development also receives a lot of applications.. The application deadlines have already past. Has anyone heard of people who have switched from the MPhil to the MSc? Thanks
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