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  1. I am Permanent Resident of US but doing my undergrad from an Indian University.How does domestic application differ from that of international?Do I need a financial statement?I will be applying for Fall 2012
  2. I am currently doing my BS in CS from India.I am a green card holder(Penn State).I am really confused whether I should apply as a domestic or an international student.My GRE score is 1410(q:770,v:640,awa:4.0) and yet to give TOEFL.I wish to pursue an MS in CS in Fall 2012.Compared to domestic student my GPA will be less(I study in a university where its difficult to score even 75%).Also,the university doesn't encourage any type of research which is extensively carried out in any undergrad US university.However,I have done a 1 month internship in a reputed company.But I have heard that the average quant score of domestic students is less compared to avg international in GRE.Please help me!!
  3. I scored 1410 in my GRE recently.Q 770 V 640.Which grad schools should I apply in for Masters in Computer Science? I am a permanent resident of Penn state,but I am currently doing my Undergrad in India.Does being a resident alien increase my chances of getting into a good college?Will i have an advantage over other international applicants? I have already applied in the following colleges: 1.CMU 2.Princeton 3.Penn Sate University 4.University of Texas,Austin. My academic scores are average 69%(Mumbai University).Currently in Sem 6.
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