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  1. Hi Ramya, Fantastic scores!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Kaushik
  2. Hi xaero, Congrats!!! You should consider applying to some of the top 10 univs, b'coz you have a great GPA too... Keep us posted. Kaushik
  3. Thanks creativelives,amruta,Sri,AmigoRo,Erin,synthia,ramya,xaero. Yes, the percentiles seem to have gone crazy recently.As Sri has pointed out, the univs will probably rescale their acceptance scores.So, hopefully there is no reason to worry too much. Kaushik
  4. Hi Sri, Congrats on that marvellous performance!:cool::cool::cool: It's also great that you are helping us all a great deal [^] with all the info and advice that you have been posting. Good luck with all ur future endeavours! Kaushik :)
  5. Spectacular AWA score, that!!Simply outstanding!! Kaushik
  6. Hello everyone, I finally did recieve my essay score yesterday (it was delayed because the printed address was incomplete).I scored 5.0 in the AWA section (better than I thought I would).Really, TM was the main reason why I was able to write my essays as well as I did.:) A big [/size]THANK YOU [/size]to all you TMians who read and critiqued my essays and gave plenty of ideas, comments & advice; and to Erin for setting up this great forum.Meanwhile, I am going around recommending TM to my friends..:cool: BTW, these were the percentile ranks for my scores: V score 750 percentile 99 Q score 800 pecentile 94 (Funny that a perfect score should get a 94-percentile!)? Kaushik
  7. Hi Synthia, Congrats!!That's certainly not a bad score at all.Plus u seem to have done the AWA part really well.And a pretty good TOEFL score too.Way to go!! I think for Engg, the Q is what really matters..But mainly, of course ur aggregate and LOR + SOP...The info I got from my seniors was that a good GRE score helps a lot but it isn't by any means the deciding factor.And Sri has pointed out a lotta other things too..So keep going strong! Meanwhile, take a break - u deserve it! Kaushik
  8. Hi Ramya, At the risk of paraphrasing what everyone else has already said, TRAILBLAZER!!! I bet it'll be quite a while before ur record is broken. So, what r ur future plans? Kaushik
  9. Hi creativelives, Actually I had similar problems with RC. Don't worry, just practice a lot and ur speed will improve. Kaushik
  10. Hello xaero, I sent my scores to Univ of Texas,Arlington, Univ of California, Santa Barbara,Texas A&M university and Univ of Arizona. Like u I have another year to decide... Kaushik
  11. Hi xaero, Well, you have a really good aggregate to go with your scores, so I don't think there should be too many problems with admission in very good univs.BTW, have you decided which univs u r going to apply to and which ones did you send your scores to after the test? Kaushik
  12. Hi creativelives, You are SERIOUSLY preparing.I've never heard of anyone who's prepared 800 flashcards..Way to go! About your questions, I've tried my best.Here goes.. The first 5 questions definitely count a lot.Can push your score up or down rapidly.I made a mistake once on q 6 in a Kaplan test and got 770. I lost 30 bcoz of 1 question, despite getting ALL my other q's correctly. Nope.No RC's in the 1st 10 ques, for that matter. Got 3 RC's in either of my 2 V sections.don't remember the exact lengths..i'd say 3 40-45 's and 3 80-90 's total. 10 min break after AWA before section 2 -could be V or Q I followed Kaplan's advice.tried to answer every ques. Math is easy really, nothing out-of-the-world is ever asked, just plain old stuff like percentages and algebra. No conics for me.Doesn't harm to learn it, though.Any 11th-12th grade math book should more than cover it. Pesonally, I feel your V scores are simply great.Keep doing all those flash cards and other stuff.i'm sure you'll get some super scores. Good luck. Kaushik
  13. Hi xaero, I only read the info at gre.org so I'm expecting my AWA results to come by next week (i.e 2 weeks after the test).Tell you what, the sooner the better b'coz I'm getting more and more tense... So, concentrating on your acads, huh.Nice idea.Apparently, it is important that you have a percentage above around 75. How do your acad records stand as of now? (My sem exams are in a week and I haven't a clue about most of the subjects...) BTW, a clarification.Does the fall sem mean the one starting in Oct or the one in Feb? (I believe getting aid is more difficult in the latter because all funds would have been allocated for the year) Kaushik
  14. Hi synthia, I do have 1 full year to go, so my plans are not really finalised. Basically, I'm looking for admission in a top 30-40 univ in CSE.I need a good AWA score (tension! tension!) and good recos from my profs(Operation Butter-up-the-faculty in full swing).TOEFL should be simpler than GRE, going by what people say.Probably next Feb-Mar as I told you.And I'm probably going to take up the GATE 2004 too, coz I'm free next year and my Dad doesn't like it that way ha! ha! Kaushik
  15. Hi synthia, Looks like you found a fan club!:D But hey, your essays are really good, like Bubble said.:) Keep practising regularly and you'll be able to write the same way in the exam..:cool: BTW, creativelives I'm working on your questions..And no problem, I don't mind being inundated as you put it..:) Bubble, welcome to the forum!:) Kaushik
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