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  1. So I'm doing last minute corrections to my Stanford Application for a PhD specializing in Accounting. I took the GRE and got 590 verbal (84%), 800 quant (94%). I took the GMAT and got 44 verbal (97%), 49 quant (85%), and 760 overall (99%). Stanford prefers the GRE, but will accept the GMAT. I have to choose only one to submit. Which should I choose, my GMAT or my GRE scores? Thanks!
  2. I am beginning the application process for accounting PhD programs. I sat for the GRE, before it was revised. I am scheduled to sit for the GMAT in October. I am currently in my last year of undergraduate study. I will graduate with around 170 hours completed, so I will qualify to sit for the CPA exam. I intend to sit for the CPA exam next summer, although that should not impact my application. I have majored in both accounting and economics. I will graduate with a 4.00 as Valedictorian. In addition, I have taken a number of high level math and statistic courses. I have related internship experience for two summers as well. One of my top schools is Duke University. They have requested GRE over GMAT. On the GRE, I received an 800 quantitative and a 560 verbal. I have debated retaking the exam, however it would require studying the revised version, which I would have no problem doing if I thought it could increase my chances of admittance. I am not sure if I should take the revised GRE or be satisfied with the score I have. I would really appreciate any advice.
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