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  1. hey guys sorry if this has been addressed, but WHAT is happening with sse (stockholm sch of econ)? i've seen a couple of acceptances and a few rejections, but i've heard nothing... my friend and i both applied so i know it's not like they just lost my application somewhere in the post... but this a bit nerve racking! =) also , are the two nyu acceptances on grad cafe confirmed?
  2. hey guys, so i actaully emailed someone from tse about continuation today and they said 60 students in doctoral path, 20 move down to standard path, 10 go to us/other places, and 30-35 are left for phd but only 20-25 can get taken up. so it sounds like... well, like it's going to be a lot of hard work and competition. honestly this is quite discouraging... what scares me is that i went to a masters that was similar (top half get into phd if they want) and i thought surely, i can make top half if i work hard, but it turned out that, coming from a different country, my preparation was very different from the students who had been there for undergrad as well -- and they were half the program! turned out to be very hard to compete with them and i would hate to see the same thing happen at tse.
  3. Institution: Berkeley Program: PhD Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: Notification date: 2/24/2012 Notified through: email (twice) Posted on GC: no Comments: 70 out of 774 got in, seems really high.... salt in the wound =p
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