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  1. Hey guys, me again. I contributed to this thread a month ago or so. Today I found a letter sent by TSE in my mailbox. I was accepted in the doctoral path M2 PPD. Did anyone else got a letter these days? They enclosed this "official letter of pre-registration". In this letter, however, they did not fill out the gap between "the" and "year", where somebody should have filled in "second" manually. Anyone the same problem? They also asked me to reply by April 30th. This was my first application. Want to do a Phd. I don`t really know what to do now! Accept, reject? All these negative comments let me doubt. Any suggestions? Would it be dump to reject a TSE offer. As I said, I don`t have anything else at the moment. I am applying mostly to german universities and only to a couple (of probabaly "better") programmes abroad. I would like to talk to somebody who also got a letter like this recently. If there is somebody, ... Oh, and what about funding. Do they normally give out money to M2 doctoral track students from abroad, or does funding start after M2 or not at all? How does that work?
  2. Thanks econobot! 1. Glad to hear that a resume is a standard CV! I thought I have to write something again ;) I was just a little confused because on the main page TSE asks applicants to hand in the application form, some other things and a CV. In the application form they state that you should attach a resume. So I thought it is two different things. Is a 1 page CV fine? I always had it 2 pages long, but now I changed it to one page and I like it better that way. Everything on one page is kind of nice I think. 2. Two pages should be doable. 3. I am planning to do the PhD. I do actually already have a Master in Economics (or I will have it in August) and want to do the PhD now. That is why I am applying to Master 2 at TSE (which is the first year of the doctoral programme). My choice is between ECOMATH doctoral track and PPD doctoral track. As I said, I would prefer ECOMATH (I love microeconomics, math, analytical stuff, pure econ theory, all that tough stuff that other people dislike about economics) over PPD, but my profile is a perfect fit for PPD. So I thought that it would probably be better to apply for that one (just to get in). Why is it that they offer a PPD doctoral track if they prefer PhD students that did the ECOMATH? And by the way, what exactly does the "MATH" refer to? It does not look like that much "MATH".
  3. Hi there, As I see I am not the only one applying for TSE this year;) I am trying to get in to the M2 in Economics and have a couple of questions about that. They are asking us to attach a "resume and a brief statement of purpose for pursuing studies at Toulouse School of Economics". 1. What exactly is a resume? 2. How short is a brief SOP? 3. I wanted to go for M2 PUBLIC POLICIES & DEVELOPMENT doctoral track as this is what I focused on in my master studies. However, I`ve heard that it might be easier to get into ECOMATH. To be honest, I would even prefer to do the ECOMATH track, but somehow I think my profile fits better to PPD. Do you have any comments that could help me to make the right decision? Thanks!
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