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  1. hey doubt_fire Heyyyyyyyyyy congratsssss...am so happy for u:D am just curious ...which country are u from ?? @kobe_8 am from punjab
  2. hey kobe_8 u didn't gave GRE and U are international student ??? If u are and u still got into McMaster then I all say u had very strong case to get there. They don't give admits to international students ( or any students) easily and yes u are rt they usually give funding in some sort to almost all students. Thats why admits are very competitive. McMaster is small sized uni with big name. It comes rt somewhere with Queens in top five.:tup: Even I had applied for EE this year there but they rejected me. reason lack of seats with prof and funding. Guess with them getting ppl like u ppl like me didn't stood a chance ;) . My profile 74% (when I had applied) 280 TOEFL.
  3. hey doubt_fire No I haven't heard anything from them yet. Am pretty much expecting reject anyway ;) . Do you know anybody who have been rejected/accepted??? waterloo have pretty good Power Group ( what I had applied for ) with latest research going on there. Dunno abt any other area ...though I hear that their Computer Sc program is very good. Overall it is no 1 in CAN.....but in engineering other unis ( like U of T ) have bit edge over it. What had u applied for??? Hey do u know anything abt UNB's Power grp??
  4. hey kobe_8 congrats on ur admit. McMaster is coool admit :tup: BTW Whats ur area of speciality ??
  5. MIS course ?? Could u elaborate plzzz :)....I dunno why am blank there .What does it stand for ??
  6. hey I guess i should have posted this thread earlier ....I am wondering if Queen's graduate school visit testmagic :).......anyway I got rejected. Don't know reason yet...haven't received official mail . best of luck to all other TMians @bnm thanks yaar ..but lets see what happens now. Queen's and U of Calgary were my dream schools. Now I think I all have to go to Dalhousie or UNB if not windsor :doh: ...dunno which one to go to or if at all I should go to Canada this year. I am thinking of applying to US next year. :whistle: Lets see what works out. anywayz thanks for wishes. see u later.
  7. Hey I was wondering if anybody here has applied to Queen's for MS in ECE FALL - 2005 ?? Have u heard anything from uni?? last time I heard from them was in JAN asking me how I was gonna fund myself .
  8. Labas Renata Its so nice to see u active again :D . Well we all at TM wish that u will stick ard.. TM esp TOEFL forum wasn't same without our essay guru :tup:
  9. Hey Rahul TOEFL will be breeze for u am sure. U will need max 15 days for prep. Just hang ard at TOEFL forum for sometime and u all see what I mean. Anyway am late in saying but thats one good score Congrats :tup: and best of luck for apping
  10. Hey Ronnie yes am international student from India. All unis I had applied to had mentioned on their sites that they don't need any score other than TOEFL/IELTS from an international student esp for non CS program. My preferred univs were Queens, UWO and U of C ( in order of preference) . Then also before I had applied to these unis I asked them if it was worth applying there considering at that time I hadn't taken my GRE. All unis except McMaster told me that they don't need GRE. Prolly with competition so high for limited seats ..GRE have become criteria. Anywayz on +ve side I all be able to apply to UBC next year ( they had asked for degree to be conferred ..and I am still senior ) But I wanna know one thing ...How difficult it is to change unis?? Say I try to change my grad program from Uni of Windsor to say UBC once am there in CAN ( on student study permit ofcourse) ...any ideas?? :D Congrats on admit in Columbia. Its awesome admit :tup:
  11. I think its abt time I shared my admission results with fellow TM's :blush: Well I had applied to CAN unis this year ...My results till date rejects : Mcmaster University of Calgary Admits: University of Windsor Pending Queens - onlyyy hope :( Dalhousie- possible admit UNB - possible admit UWO - kinda know its gonna be ding ...considering prof in area of my specialistion is not accepting any students this year. 74% till 6th sem in EE, 3rd rank in class of 60, trainings and projects in Power Systems only . TOEFL- 280 , 5.0 , No GRE :mad:. I had applied for MS in Power Systems. Not bad SOP no idea abt LORs- below avergae am guessing Well i had thought that my profile was ok enuff for CAN unis ...but guess i was wrong and rt now I have gotten admits in only low ranked unis. I shud have applied for US unis too.:doh: . So rt now I am thinking of applying for FALL 2006 to both US and CAN. I all stop postponing and finally take GRE within next few months , improve my profile ( any suggestions how ?? :hmm: ) and just go for it. So anyway be ready I all be hanging ard at TM GRE forum for some more time.:p
  12. http://www.american-buddha.com/LITERATURE.htm#LITERATURE
  13. Hey vaneet So what have u decided to do ???
  14. Yes awhig cud u plz upload the file somewhere. Thanks
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