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  1. Hi I am in Texas(CST).. I am also planning to apply for my doctorate program.. Skype is ok with me...
  2. dosth

    GRE study partner

    Hi Nabbel , Did u get anyone to study with? I am in CST zone , TEXAS. lemme know.. thx
  3. hi guys.. nice to be a part of this group. I am looking for a study partner. I am in CST zone (Texas)... looking forward to hearing from you all.. GL
  4. All but... can be used when we know what( the quantity) we are talking about. eg. I have 10 different candies and you can have all but one that is marked red. Anything but... can be used when we dont have a definite quantity/ things. This is usage has more of a negative tone . eg. I can work on anything but this project. Everything but ..... similar in usage with anything but ...... but with a positive tone.. Could not but ..... there was no other way other than doing a/an thing/action eg. He could not but stop laughing at his wife's folly.
  5. Hi Nabeel , I am in Houston . Are you available for GRE preps? Skype will be good enough.
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