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  1. Hi .. here are my answer 41. D 42. B 43. B 44. C 45. D 46. B 47. B 48. A 49. C 50. A Regards?
  2. Dear Erin, Thank you for your attention Unfortunately I can not find and buy it in Indonesia I have called to any institution (incl. ETS representative office) but they don't provide it. Frankly, I don't know how to buy it from abroad How long the seller will send it to me, the minimum amount, Can I buy it without Credit Card, etc. Other resources/books are also difficult to find in Indonesia. Regards Iguh
  3. Dear vuhl 74 and huangluong Thanks a lot Sorry my reply was so late. Iguh
  4. Dear hoangluong and vuhl74 For 1st question, I need some explanations : - Are you sure the word 'steamship' should be 'steamships' (plural), because it is related to 'riverboat' (singular noun). - Can we say "The Mississippi riverboat evolved from simpler steamship/s ..." It means that 'the river boat' did something (evolved) eventhough it is not a live-thing (human, animal, plants). So I am not sure we can use intransitive verb here. I think the answer is d, should be 'passanger transportation' iguh
  5. Dear Erin, As your request, I posted my question to this forum : Where can I find the 1997 and 1998 Official TOEFL Publications ? Thank you Regards Iguh
  6. hi boz For the first question I agree with nu nam2001 but I have different explanation : This is "an adjective derived from verb" problem : Regards iguh
  7. Dear ttaann But we can say : One of the world's best-selling authors, Louis L'Ampur said that he has written 101 books, mostly western.
  8. Dear ttaann I agree with your answer By the way especially for no. 4, is it a correct sentence "Technological inventions were not of much interest ........" Can we use "were not of ...."
  9. Dear all, I have another question for discussing. 1. Upon hatching, ______ . (a) young ducks know how to swim (b) swimming is known by young ducks. © the knowledge of swimming is in young ducks (d) how to swim is known in young ducks Answer key : a I do not agree with the answer key, because no choices are correct. The TestMagic Grammar Reference says that "intro-ing" should use Subject Verb Inversion, wherein inversion is obligatory. So the sentence should be "Upon hatching, do young ducks know how to swim". Pls give your opinion Thanks
  10. Dear vvaann I am not sure that "high" is an adverb, because it modify rise (a verb), therefore should be "highly". To Hoang luong I don't agree with you, because "dense clouds .....' is an adjective clause that modify noun in which as Subject (A thunderhead), so the real Subject (A tunderhead) is Single Noun and verb "produce" should be "produces". Pls, what is the answer ? C or D Thanks iguh
  11. Dear all, I quote another question from Baron here : A thunderhead, dense clouds that rise high into the sky in huge columns, produce hail. The question is : D, should be 'produces' But I think the word 'high' is also wrong, it should be 'highly' Am I right? Thanks, iguh
  12. Dear Erin and Harbinger Than you for your quick answer Regards from Indonesia iguh
  13. Dear all, I quote a question from Barron's here : One of the world's best-selling authors, Louis L'Amour said to have written 101 books, mostly western. The answer is : B, should be is said But I see B could be right if C is changed to "that he has written." So the answer C also right. Pls help me iguh
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