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  1. Profile: Degrees: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from a top university in India, graduated 2004. MBA in 2006. GPA: Equates to 3.5/4. Courses: Lots of quantitative courses during the engineering program such as probability, Complex analysis, linear algebra. Micro, Macro eco, statistics, data analysis, finance courses in MBA program. Publications: Two international papers during undergrad and one research paper during MBA. GRE: 170 Quant, 160 Verbal, 5.5 on AWA Work-EX: Two years of derivatives trading at Lehman in New York. Four years as a director at a top Global Macro hedge fund (I still currently work here) involved in macro-economic research and portfolio risk management. My work over the last 4 years has involved substantial research, interaction with professional economists from Asia, Europe and US. My boss has a phd in economics from MIT and another colleague has one from Harvard. Given my exposure through my work in the last four years, research and analysis through the US-financial crisis and the current European crisis and applications of this in finance and capital markets; I realize my passion lies in research dealing in macro-economics, monetary systems and its applications in finance. Over a period of time, various people have suggested that I should consider a Phd as a step towards serious research/ teaching given my interests and personality. Reasons for Phd at this juncture: Further my understanding and depth of research that I undertake. Expand the scope of career paths to include teaching. Questions: 1. I understand my age (turning 30 soon) and background is different to most who are admitted to a phd programs in economics. (Most students being directly out of school) Should I still consider applying to phd in economics programs? Are there any programs that do not like applicants with significant work ex. 2. Would applying to a business school for a business economics program be a better idea? How many courses in the econ department is one allowed to purse under this program? Im not looking forward to courses and research in business or micro economics; Monetary policy and macroeconomics and its applications are my primary fields of interest. Suggestions/ pointers are most welcome.
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