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  2. atse

    Avg problem

    First, you would want to rethink the definition of average, which is all the numbers added up and divided by the amount of numbers. For this particular problem, you already know the amount of numbers (12), so you would want to find the sum of all the numbers. To find the sum of all the numbers, you can think of the given averages as a ratio. Out of 12 of the numbers, 5 of them are 9, and 7 of them are 8. So to find the sum of them, you would do (5x9) + (7x8). Now you have all the components you need: the sum of all the numbers and the amount of numbers. Plug and chug and you've got your answer! Hope this helps. It's always a bit more confusing to understand math when it's typed out like this.
  3. No problem! I will try to ask her how she wants to contact you, then pm you once I get a reply.
  4. Just to add onto what oortiz said, if you do end up studying at the last minute, do not bother trying to do all the readings. If you are in a time-crunch, it is more useful to go over all the slides and to review your class-notes first.
  5. I don't know about the good art schools in Australia, but I know that some of the well-known art schools in the US are The Art Institute, CalArts, Pratt, RISD. I also know someone who is doing a Master's in Animation at UCLA right now.
  6. You can become a better writer by reading and writing more. It also helps to expand your vocabulary.
  7. atse

    Parallelism headache!

    It might be because "in a pool" is a prepositional phrase. I'm just guessing though.
  8. atse


    This looks like a problem that you should just plug into the calculator. I got 0.19
  9. There are a few words you spell incorrectly, so I suggest using spell-check. A friendly suggestion about writing is that you want to be as clear as possible. You should always try to delete the extra words in your sentences that do not help with the message. I'm not saying that you are being wordy, but this is just a good thing to think about whenever you are writing. Reading critically also helps you to write better because you can adopt other writers' sentence structures and learn more vocabulary. I hope I am not responding to this too late, but I can help you fix the mistakes I catch. Introduction I have been requested to propose a suitable timetable for the event including informal activities and leisure possibilities. Saturday It would be helpful to inform the students about college regulations on Saturday morning, immediately after breakfast - this would be an ideal way to start the orientation weekend. Afterwards, at 1-2pm, Students can benefit from a tour of the library and the basic steps needed to start a membership card. You might also like to consider showing students the Sports Hall since I had received some requests regarding these point of interest. These tours can be given in the late afternoon. Then, in the evening we could hold a disco where students can meet their teachers and fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. Sunday It might be a good idea to start the day with a short but informative introduction of our computer room, so students can see how well-equipped our college is.This could take place early in the morning. Then we could present our research center and briefly cover the fields we offer there, starting with the Earth sciences laboratory. The afternoon would be an ideal time to set up an exhibition in the Main Hall with college club information stands. Conclusion I trust that you will consider the above proposal, as I firmly believe that this is the most suitable schedule for the orientation weekend held at the beginning of the next academic year. I would be glad to explain my ideas in detail.
  10. Both. I think it's good to study independently AND the traditional way. Even though I went to a regular high school, I still found it helpful to look over the lessons by myself. You can't learn everything in class, and studying by yourself is a good way to stay on track.
  11. Wow, that is a difficult question. Both choices are terrible, but I would rather work with upset or highly emotional people because I would rather get the job done than have to fix someone else's mistakes. This is just my own opinion though. I am not sure if this is the best answer.
  12. atse

    correct this please

    Recently, scientists have applied the new tools of biochemistry and molecular biology to investigate the structure of human hair.
  13. reCaptcha is a security software that asks you to read two words, and they currently only care about one of the words that you type in, usually the word that is more difficult to read. One trick that is helpful is if you zoom in by pressing ⌘Ctrl, then scrolling up. It is usually much easier to read the word when it is bigger. Try the zooming-in trick, and if it still doesn't work, email support@urch.com with your email and username. They will be able to help you set up an account.
  14. I don't know if I can pick out absolutely everything, but I'll just point out that mistakes that I can see. 1. Curtain rod is [a] beautiful piece in [the] house. 5. One thing that [despises] me is when people cannot look me in [the] eye. 11. I just started running a few months ago[,] and I'm looking to run my first marathon. 12. I went to the mall today with every intention [of buying] a new pair of [socks] by came away [empty-handed].
  15. I really enjoy reading your essay because I think that you chose a fascinating topic. It also has a great hook. However, there are a few grammar errors in your writing, and it would be a much better essay if you organized your three body paragraphs better. Right now, I can tell that you have done a lot of great research, but sometimes you repeat the same idea in different paragraphs. By organizing your ideas better, you can avoid repeating yourself and can create a stronger thesis. It can also help you to avoid writing paragraphs that seem to ramble on about facts that you learned, instead of focusing on persuading the reader on specific points that you want to prove. If you could just simplify your paragraphs to single ideas, the reader will be able to follow what you are saying and believe you, which is ultimately the goal in writing papers. Hope this helps! Good job and keep up the good work.
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