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  1. Hi, I recently gave my AGRE and have just received my scores which are 610 with a 20 percentile. I know that these scores are not worth reporting but I made a gamble while filling up the form and have reported the scores to the following universities: Indiana University - Bloomington Northeastern University SUNY Buffalo University of Utah Does anyone have any idea on how it'll impact my chances with these universities? I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and had given the test to improve my chances of admission. So will they consider the fact that I tried or will they straightaway reject my application looking at my AGRE scores? Thanks, Expressions
  2. Hi, I am also planning to give the CS AGRE this year. And I do feel that a local study group would be great. Where do you all stay in Mumbai? Arun
  3. Hi, I am a Fall 2013 aspirant and will be applying for MS in CS. I have done my bachelors in Electrical Engineering and therefore want to write the CS GRE Subject test hoping that it'll strengthen my profile. Hope to gain from the wealth of information present in this forum. Thanks, Arun
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