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  1. Hi I'm from an East Asian university and our grading system is on a 4.00 scale. However I realised after randomly stumbling upon a grade conversion post that my university's grading system differs from the general grading system. For example an A is 85%-100%, and a B is 70%-74%. My overall GPA is about 3.40 (75-79%). p/s I haven't done my GRE yet. Thx!
  2. I was a highly unmotivated student in my undergraduate years (from an unknown Asian university). Only found my interest after working as a Research Assistant after graduation last year and is now highly motivated to become an academic in my home country. However the Master's programme in my school was very different from the undergraduate program in a sense that the undergraduate program had very-little-to-none maths while the Master's programme had a lot of maths (average for the field of Economics, I must say). I pretty much flunked the first two semesters and has taken Engineering Calculus throughout summer to help me strengthen my maths. I plan to continue taking these undergraduate Engineering maths courses (which have helped me in understanding what I've been studying the past two semesters) but at the same time I believe my chances to continue my PhD in the States have surely diminished. With my now stronger maths background I plan to do a second MA in Econs, preferably in the US before continuing (if possible) for a PhD. Is it worth the try? Or is my profile already too screwed up for a PhD? I understand that my weaknesses stems from my lack of understanding in Maths and am trying to work on it. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Major in Economics from an unknown, unranked Asian university. Undergrad GPA: 3.14 / 4 Type of Grad: Master's in Economics Grad GPA: 2.79 / 4 (incomplete, only 50% of credit hours completed) GRE: None (planning to take after MA) Math Courses: Statistical Methods ©, Business Mathematics (B-), Engineering Calculus I (Audited) Econ Courses (grad-level): Econometrics (B), Microeconomics (B-), Macroeconomics (B-), Economic Development and Policy (B) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of Microeconomics (B), Principles of Macroeconomics (A-), Intermediate Microeconomics I (B-), Intermediate Macroeconomics I (B), Intermediate Microeconomics II (B+), Intermediate Macroeconomics II (B-), Public Finance (B+), International Economics (A-), Econometrics I (B-), Economic Development (B-), International Monetary Economics (B+), Industrial Economics (B+) Other Courses (grad-level): International Finance © Other Courses (undergrad-level: Financial Accounting Fundamentals (B-), Management Accounting Fundamentals (A-), Principles and Practice of Management (B+), Financial Management I (A), Financial Management II (B), Money and Banking (A), International Finance (B+), Investment Analysis (B), International Trade and Development (B-), Corporate Finance (A-) and a bunch of Islamic Economics stuff (my university focuses on the philosophical aspect of economics because its niche is in Islamic Economics, still a highly theoretical, new field). Letters of Recommendation: Probably one from my adviser, one from an academic staff and another from one of the researchers I've been working with. Research Experience: Research assistant for Social and Economic Impact studies on government plans. Planning to do my thesis around this area. Teaching Experience: N/A. Research Interest: Macro theory, International Trade, Development Concerns: Will another Master's help my profile? (provided that I actually succeed this time) Other: Applying to: Hoping to get some idea as to where I might get admission an MA programme with this profile. Thank you :)
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