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  1. Hi, I am a final undergraduate student of computer science and wish to apply for a PhD in US in Fall 2013 in the field of Data Mining/Machine Learning. Cummulative GPA: 8.76/10 GRE : 316 (Q:164, V:152, AWA: 4) TOEFL: 111 (R-27, L-28, S-28, W-28) Done three research internships. International Publications: 2 journal papers, 2 conference papers and 1 poster. (Excluding 1 journal paper and 1 conference paper under review). I have good letters of recommendations and a decent resume (which includes good performances in high school and International Maths Olympiad) Though my GRE score is quite less, I believe that I have a nice research background and so I am trying for a university in top 20-25. I have made a list of universities: 1. MIT 2. Stanford 3. UIUC 4. University of Texas, Austin 5 University of San Diego 6. UCLA 7. Columbia University 8. UCI 9. USC 10 Brown university I want to filter this list into 7 and then add 2 safe universities. Can someone please comment on my selections and suggest changes?
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