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  1. I got an 3-year doctoral offer from Sciences Po, Paris., full funded. Because I have got a master, I can directly start the research with supervisor. (I was told that every year 2 or 3 students can have opportunities to visit in Harvard, Princeton, Columbia) For US universities, I got an AD from UWM (funding comes from 2nd year given passing the prelim) Which one is better? Maybe let put the high attrition rate of UW-Madison's prelim aside first and just compare the 3-year sciences po program with the 5-year US PhD program. Thanks a loooot! ------------ here's a link of sciences po placement, maybe it is helpful. I found their placement is not that worse than UWM (just in 2012). Sciences Po: Job Market Placements | Department of Economics Sciences Po UWM:Graduate Program - Placement
  2. Are there anyone planning to join UWM, maybe we can get to know each other online. BTW, do you have any idea on where to live? (Seems that EH,UH,HS are halls for graduate students but some seniors suggested me alternative choices.) I want to have more information on it.
  3. rekovu how do you think Minnesota a non-top program? The econ phd at Minnesota should be top 5 -10, at least top15,right?
  4. Glad to see your comments, especially the extended discussion on survive in academia. I learnt more than making a decision on choosing the PhD program. Thanks ntg865 ForbiddenDonut Insti rekovu and everyone else Well,,,I am quite curious about the one of T20 and the one of T50 mentioned by ntg865 :question:
  5. Insti I think you misunderstood my ""agree". I did not mean that I think other programs out of top 20 can not help students succeed. I just thought that if I study very hard and still could not pass the prelims and courses, then I should doubt whether I have the capability of surviving in academia, then now UWM may check it.
  6. Insti Thanks for your comments! I just thought they sent this attractive AD to a lot of rejected applicants. So I feel upset about it.
  7. Thanks Insti, I just did not know how many "transferable" master offers they sent. I thought most rejected applicants got this attractive email which made me upset.
  8. very good analysis. The first one is just my consideration, so I think I will choose UWM
  9. HankGeorge Thanks a lot! Your comments are helpful, hope to see you at UWM
  10. to2012 did you apply in 2012 or 2013? I think this is a new policy started from the batch of 2013 fall
  11. Hi to2012, Did you receive a similar email from UWM? What is your final decision? From the statistics, UWM offered 25-30 in 2011 and 19 in 2012, I guess they want to cut the funding without shrinking the PhD program, which leads to this strange admission.
  12. Really helpful suggestion! I will think it again. No matter what my final decision is, your words at least let me know studying 80 hours per week does not guarantee anything. Many thanks!
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