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  1. Hey guys! I just took the GRE and I am not exactly pleased with my score, because upon lurking through this forum, it seems as if I would need at least a 166 to be considered for Oxford's Msc in Economics for Development. Scores: 158V/160Q/No Writing Score yet And just to show a bit of my profile: GPA: 3.74 overall, 3.91 Econ and Math only, top 1% of my batch, Magna Cum Laude. Uni: Top 2 in the Philippines (interchanges with the other Uni a lot for 1st and 2nd). Research Experience: Undergraduate thesis work, Feasibility study for a remote island in my country, RA during one summer, RA for 2 big studies in development from an Oxford grad professor, and currently a Research Associate for an esteemed think tank in my country working on numerous development projects. Notable awards: Named one of the top 10 economic students in my country. I'm afraid my GRE score won't even get me considered, should I retake the GRE? is it too low for an Msc in Economics in a tier 1 uni in the UK?
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