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  1. Hi all, this is my first post, and I would really appreciate any advice. I just graduated an honours math program from McGill University and I applied to the Econometrics and Mathematical Economics program at LSE. I think my chances are pretty good, as I have a 3.88 GPA, including four courses in real analysis (B- in Analysis 1 in second year, but A's in Honours Analysis 2,3,4 so I'm hoping that will make up for my poor mark early on). I also have many calculus, probability/statistics, and a summer project in stochastic processes. My econ might be lacking a bit, but I have intro micro/macro, intermediate micro (year long course, baby varian), money and banking, and intermediate econometrics (Russel/Davidson econometric theory and methods, taught by Davidson). A's in all of the above, except A- in money and banking. The problem I have is that I'm not 100% sure I want to do a Ph.D., I would rather work for a year or two first. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of work experience, other than an internship with TD in technology. Is the EME program seen as too theoretical for the industry after? Would I be in trouble without work experience? I wouldn't mind doing an internship after if need be. The kinds of work I'm thinking of would be along the lines of economic consulting, work for a central bank/international institution, or work as an applied econometrician or something in a more technical line of work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .
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