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  1. I would add U of Wisconsin-Madison (from top 20). One of my professors told me that they are very strong in econometrics.
  2. That's very convenient! I will ask if they have a program like this at my college. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I go to a large state school that doesnt offer Economics Ph.D. However, I also live really close to a top 10 Econ department. They offer a great deal of courses that my college doesn't offer, including Behavioral Economics, etc. And most of the courses are taught by top faculty as well. Do you think attending a couple of courses there this fall would increase my chances of getting into a better Ph.D program, assuming that I do well and ask a professor to write me a letter of rec? The downside: the tuition for a visiting student (one course) is over 5000, which is more than I pay for full tuition for one semester at my school Thank you!
  4. Yes it is a prereq! I will take it in fall, and then Adv Calc II or Part Diff Eq in spring. But it takes awhile to get a permit, so I will need to make a choice now, whether I will go with Part Diff Eq or Adv Calc II
  5. I definitely agree but I cant afford to go to a better school, so I am stuck with the limited resources I have.
  6. And the textbook for it is Basic Analysis: Introduction to real analysis, 2012 ed by Jiri Lebl So I have a choice of either taking Advanced Calc II or Partial Diff Eq. Is it better for me just to take Adv Calc I + Part Diff Eq or Adv Calc I + Adv Calc II?
  7. The course is designed to provide an introduction to modern abstract algebra through concrete structures. Topics include congruence in integers; groups; rings; fields and field extensions; and applications.
  8. The book is Introduction to Real Analysis, 2003 by Trench. On the syllabus it says that we will be able to write proofs after the course and learn basic facts and theorems (green's and stokes) and their proofs. Would this be more useful than partial diff equations course?
  9. hello everyone, Is it more useful to take a partial diff equations course or Advanced Calculus II (which I would believe would equal to a real analysis course. it includes a continuation of a rigorous analysis of functions, multiple integrals, line and surface integrals, Green's Theorem, Stoke's Theorem, infinite series, improper integrals - according to course description)? Thank you!
  10. Topology is only offered every odd spring semester I believe, and so is Advanced Calc and Diff Equations, they wont be offered next year. My school has a very strong business school, but there are not that many students in the arts and sciences school, even though we have very strong math faculty. But Combinatorics and Graph Theory are offered every semester!
  11. They dont offer numerical analysis. I have to get a permit to take it at a another school in the same uni system, and they dont offer Advanced Calculus either, but mostly pure math like Combinatorics, Graph theory, Topology, Elements of Mod Algebra, and some Actuarial Math. That's why I was having trouble picking applied math electives, bc there are pretty much none offered. Moreover advisers are not very helpful as far as what courses are necessary for econ. I am glad I found this website, otherwise I would be taking Combinators next semester.
  12. Does anyone tried to complete their Masters and then PhD after getting Bachelors in US? What is/was your experience abroad? I am looking at a couple universities that interest me, specifically U of Mannheim, UZurich, Bonn, Tilburg economics programs. How would you get funding at those unis? Any information is appreciated.
  13. Thank you for your reply. Could you recommend any literature to make yourself familiar with the field?
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