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  1. You are way too optimistic, sorry. Your grades from Tufts (which doesn't place students that well) are not strong enough for top 20 schools. I would focus on top 40-60 schools.
  2. An A- will not sink your application at all. I think you're a strong student, just take an additional (more advanced) analysis class and get an A. Taking grad micro and getting an A would also help a lot.
  3. If you wrote this on the 16th or 17th, I would say that you had a sliver of a chance (there is some wiggle room and movement after the official deadline), but right now, the probability is zero.
  4. Take a look at recent admits at top 5 programs and see how many are people from top 50 Econ undergraduates that come directly. I see very, very few (I saw none, but I didn't look that extensively). You should first temper your expectations with this "top 5 or bust" mentality. And if you really want to go to a top 5, then you should be patient and RA for two years instead of one to get the best possible letter.
  5. If you're near the top at UBC, you can easily get into U of T and other top 50 PhD programs. However, the quality of students at UBC is very high, and this is not a small feat. But your background is good, so it's not impossible.
  6. I don't do political economy so I'm not familiar with which school has stronger faculty, but it is absolutely not true that accessing Harvard Econ faculty is difficult for HKS students. HKS public policy *and* PEG students have open access to Harvard Econ faculty. I'm not sure how you came to this belief in the first place.
  7. There is really a lot of misinformation in this thread. I am only familiar with Bus-ec and Kellogg MEDs based on my own research when I was applying. I am not affiliated with either of these two programs. HBS Bus-Ec is arguably more prestigious than Harvard Econ. To be admitted into the former, you also need to be admitted into the latter. HBS Bus-ec is the Econ program but you get additional resources from the business school. This includes more faculty attention, $ and resources. You have access from faculty at both the Econ and Business school. You are not treated any differently among Econ departments on the job market but you will be viewed more favorably from business schools. In terms of revealed preference, HBS Bus Ec ~ MIT > Harvard. Past profiles and results are consistent with this claim. Kellogg MEDS and Northwestern Econ have equal prestige on the job market. Note that unlike Harvard (where you can apply to both HBS Bus Ec and Harvard Econ), you can only apply to one program at Northwestern. So you have some selection where people who are more inclined to do theory or political economy apply for Kellogg MEDS over Northwestern Econ.
  8. I think there is a lot of confusion here: HBS Bus-Ec and Northwestern MEDs are just standard econ programs. They participate in the same job market and students take the same coursework (MEDS students don't take macro). I don't know anything about Columbia.
  9. No. Not at all. Berkeley ARE cross admits usually have a low top 10 offer and the admits at Harris tend to have offers at places like Michigan. Being competitive for top 30-40 programs won't get you into Berkeley ARE, Harris or HKS.
  10. I've been browsing this forum for almost a decade now and feel disappointed whenever I see people pressuring others to make a decision. You absolutely do not need to comply with what people here want you to do. A PhD is a decision that will affect the next six years of your life and set the trajectory for your professional career. Take as much time as you need and talk to faculty and graduate students at each program that you are taking seriously. Ignore the people that say otherwise, take as much time as you need. Each admit is a victory and significant accomplishment and you should think very carefully about each program that you can see yourself attending.
  11. Startz is absolutely correct, but I also want to let people know that there is some amount of "wiggle room" around the deadline. I received two offers after the 15th and the school that I had accepted was willing to write me a waiver. I can't speak about how frequent these cases are, but they happen. I want to encourage applicants to make the best decisions for themselves, and not worry too much about offending programs in this regard. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. I want to chime in that it is definitely the case that applications have gone up. The graduate secretary in my department said that applications went up at least 30% this year (top 5 program).
  13. In general, grad classes are PhD courses. MA programs in Econ exist in the U.S., but aren't common.
  14. There are now many profiles like yours -- profiles with poor grades but strong research experience. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of predocs now applying to PhD programs with equally glowing letters, I think you should greatly temper your expectations and expect to get in somewhere between 20-50. But like you said, if the professor you worked for really goes to bat for you, it's possible that you land an admit at the school where you worked.
  15. Probably get in somewhere near the 50-60 rank.
  16. The problem with this profile is that the M.S. is not from a good program (in fact its quite bad), but OP's undergraduate record is very, very good. Had he/she applied directly from U of Delhi with those grades, a top 20 was possible. I think the M.S. is going to hurt you more than help you. Being the top student from U of Delhi is an impressive feat, and I have seen worse profiles at places like Duke and Cornell. Apply broadly. You are currently applying way too high.
  17. String of really good grades, and a string of really bad grades. Good research exp and pedigree. Expectation of
  18. Yeah for sure. I think a top 15 program is the expected outcome for you. So a place like Michigan/Duke. But again, this COVID season might make things a bit more volatile, but your profile is very solid. Good luck.
  19. If you leave this out, you will get caught. And when you do, you will be kicked out of the program that you are enrolled in. Do not do this.
  20. U of T : Economics : Graduate Programs In the last 7-8 years I see a Yale and NYU placement (for Econ). So these were probably in the 1% of graduates from U of T's MA program. A 165Q is probably going to hurt you based on the placement list above.
  21. You're overthinking it. Just ask your professor if it is in his/her capacity to write you a letter of recommendation for graduate schools. I was even more explicit with my request: I asked them if they were able to write a strong letter for "schools in the top 10". I attached my transcripts, writing samples, and statement of purpose and they agreed. And that was that. Don't overthink it.
  22. I think you'll get into a top 30 program. I'd apply very broadly. COVID will increase the number of applicants for sure.
  23. I think that B- is not a big deal -- its an elective Econ class, so no problem. I think its possible you'll get a top 10 admit. What rank is your undergrad? I would still apply across the top 20 in case.
  24. You have some strong grades here and there in key classes. But I think you also have too many poor grades in other key classes. I'd be surprised if you obtained a top 40-50 admit.
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