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  1. Hey Murboy, I am not sure if you are allowed to transfer your VISA to any H* or F* after being in the US for 6 years on a [H1]. Anyway, I would verify this information with an attorney before going any further. HTH Sri
  2. Hi Rafi, I wanted to go into the same field a year ago. UCSD is included among the top ranked programs and so is UCSF. But, before you try to apply for the program, please make sure that you have moderate biology background as well. My app was rejected based on reason that I dodnot have enough Biology exposure at Stanford and UC-Davis. So, just be warned that you should include any transcripts of the Biology courses that you completed. Contact admissions office people at the Universities that you would like to apply and find out what specific courses they would want you to have proficiency in before you app for the course. HTH Sri
  3. Hi CoolCoolJay, After I read your posts, I had to write this message. Most of the people around here "help" each other "free of cost". Erin, created this website to help and seek help but not as a business. Even during his craziest, busiest working days, he keeps time aside just to "help" students from around the world, again for "no cost". Above all, this website is the "test prep" website around the world. Sorry, if I sound "mean", but I don't want this message to sound in any bad way. Cheers and happy holidays, Sri
  4. Hey needhelp, That's the experimental section. Usually, we get an additional section of either verbal or quant after the AWA, verbal and quant sections in the exam. So you DO NEED TO ATTEMPT it with the same interest that you would attempt any other section of the GRE. This information is available everywhere and it's unfortunate that you were not informed about it. DONT take this to heart and fight back for a good score. Practice well, time yourself in simulation tests and aim for a higher score this time. I am sure you'll get better results next time. So good luck and keep us posted.
  5. Thanks Nilanjana. Sh might contact you directly...I gave your email to her. Thanks Sri.
  6. I am trying to gather information about this man called BalMukund in Bangalore, India. I am sure that he is a pretty good VISA advocate. As far as your husband's GC goes, actually, I know friends whose labor got cleared by Oct2001 and are still waiting for their GCs. Scenario is completely different after 9/11. Anyway, that's immaterial to u....So just think about your future.....I will post back once I have more info about BalMukund.
  7. WOW WOOD AWESOME!!!! I remember seeing Erin's post about your 500th post just yesterday (figuratively!!) and you already reached 1000!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  8. Hi there, reading your story makes me feel both sad and angry. Sad, bcoz no gal should ever go thru such a thing and anger bcoz some men are still .... (have a strong feeling to use a bad word here, but I dont want to spoil the integrity of this forum). However, I am proud of you that you r fighting back. I feel that you have posted your case in a wrong forum though. Here, we are fledglings in terms of legal issues....We can help you with anything related to your admissions etc. Dont think that I am an escapist, but I just dont want to give you a wrong advise and bring in another failure!! You definetely deserve the best, so try to contact some VISA consultants in Bangalore or Chennai. You should be able to find out this information easily in India by walking into VISU consultants or someone.....I will try my best to get the information for you too. Dont go blindly by some advice that you get from people who dont know much about these issues. Please follow only expert advice. You can keep in touch with me directly at my konerusrirama@hotmail.com, if you need any kind of help or advice or even a friend to talk to. Please be strong and fight and fight till you succeed. If I do find the information about VISA consultants, I will get back to u.... Take care, Sri.
  9. Sri

    VISA help

    Shyam, can you elaborate your question? What do you mean by boost US VISA chances?
  10. Ravli, my advice would be to stop worrying and not think about it again. If you keep worrying this way, then there's a high probability that it will show up even in the exam. So stay calm, think of the tests where you used to score really high. If you have a positive attitude towards issues, then you can always guarantee success. So, cool down, relax and try to do something else which you really enjoy, than studying in the last minute. ALL THE BEST FOR THE EXAM AND COME BACK AND GIVE US THE GOOD NEWS!!!! Best Wishes, Sri.
  11. Sri

    H4- F1

    Hi Roshni, You CAN indeed get an admission on H4 VISA. The only issue is you wont be able to support yourself on H4, ie, you cant get any kind of assistantship or on-campus job as H4 VISA doesn't give you work permit. While on F1 you can do 20 hour/ week jobs or take up an asstship. I dont have any ideas about where you should get your VISA stamped though. Rules have changed (and are changing) almost every month these days and since I am not in that field, I completely lost touch with it. Probably http://www.immihelp.com can be of some help to u HTH Sri.
  12. Sri


    I did take it as a joke, but, I was also trying to accept the fact that it's just not a joke and that there's more to it that's all :D....Ready or not here I come turned completely green [^]:crazy::yuck::drunk: Sri :p
  13. Sri


    Its bad that there are indeed people who think the second way. I mean, I am totally comfortable with people who think in the first way and try to achieve something......But the second version, I just cant take it!!! [:(!]
  14. Others are cute Erin. Just the aliens...Can we give them "stars" to resemble that they r our "star performers"?????
  15. Erin, its indeed true that "Alien Pips" dont look all that good :o May be you could change it to something else. Actually , we all know that these people are some kind of an achievers, but those Aliens make them look like they are different and hence they got that avatar. May be, if someone misbehaves on the forum we could give those Aliens ;) :p No No, I am just kidding. But, please think something else for our members with more than 500 posts!!!! Have a good evening all of u!!! Sri.
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