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  1. Hey Guys, I am will be applying for 2014 PhD admissions at US schools. My main interests lies in Macroeconomics, specifically Monetary Economics and business cycle. My target is to get into one of the top-30 programs. However I will be applying to lower ranked schools which are particularly strong in my field of interests. I am quite sure most of the departments in top 10 (specially Minnesota and NYU I heard) are quite good at Macro. However, I would like to know what other schools in the range of 10-60 in US rankings are strong in that field. I would appreciate naming some programs. My plan is to apply to 10 schools at least. Thanks !
  2. Thanks yankeefan . I am pumping the thread for more opinions . Anyone else ?
  3. Thanks a lot guys ! I would really appreciate more opinions as well! enlighten us guys TMers
  4. Hey fellow economists, I am planning to apply for top 1-30 ranked US PhDs this coming fall/winter in order to start the program in Fall 2014 . I hold a bachelor degree from a regionally known university (not internationally) , and a masters degree from an internationally respected program. My grades were really good in both my undergraduate and masters degree . However, after my freshman year as an undergrad , i registered for few courses at summer at a local unknown university near my hometown. I never imagined I would ever need the transcript of these courses for anything except transferring the credits , so I stopped attending one of the courses to concentrate on the others and got a (withdraw with fail) in it .The summer after I registered for a summer course at the same school and then dropped the semester after one week for emergent reasons that summer getting withdraws on same transcript. Now while filling the applications , is it really that necessary to supply a transcript like this one just to prove having 2 courses or should i not send it at all ? Will they give it too much attention in admission given I have a top masters? I am afraid it will affect the rest of my application on which I worked hard to make it good. I appreciate your opinions.
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