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  1. Hi CBHopeful2016 and good luck this year! I'm going to echo Xanthes, but elaborate a little. A lot of schools decide on a total number admits within the marketing department as a whole and then split that for each marketing discipline. This means that invitations for quant and CB will be sent around the same time (generally as soon as possible), but that the departments are conducting interviews independently so there can be some variability (a one week difference in invite/interview dates). Last year, for example, many schools decided the number of candidates that each discipline would take a priori, and invitations for CB/quant were sent out at separate times. Other schools are more flexible with the number they admit, and, in my experience, this means that quant and CB processes occur in tandem. For example, the number of total admits to a department could up to 4, but how many students each discipline admits depends on the competitiveness of the candidates. This would mean that the CB and Quant faculty would have to conduct interviews in a more synchronized way, because they are updating the estimates of how many students they want while the interviews and attendance decisions are occurring. I'm sure there are many more ways of doing it, but I think it's rare to see big differences (more than a week) between marketing discipline invitations. Generally, every school wants to move as quickly as they can.
  2. I'll be there! Will anyone have any posters or presentations that I should stop by? Would love to meet the CB urchers in real life.
  3. It's now 4/16/2015 central time. APPS ARE OVER!!!!!!!! (mostly, I think) Now time for five years of toiling. Then seven years of more toiling. Then more years of moderate toiling. I was going to say that I'm going to miss you guys, but like, no. This is just the beginning!
  4. First off, I am SO sorry. I totally went ghost. I've been obsessively checking this forum for years and practically living on it for the last few months. When it was time to make a decision, I took a small URCH/Gradcafe vacay. This is so delayed at this point that you probably have news. First off, congratulations on the waitlist and I hope that we get to be classmates! I'm going to message you privately. But, to everyone, I'm sure this is no big surprise but I accepted!!
  5. Institution Name: Washington University in St. Louis Concentration: Marketing (CB) Date of Notification: March 10 Type of Notification: Email Notification: Accepted Posted on GradCafe?: Yes!!! Comments: I am so excited. I really love the faculty and I think it's a great fit.
  6. the first thing you should do is contact them to let them know they are on your waitlist because, based on the UTD rankings, they aren't doing so hot. UTD rankings are the primary concern of every respectable research institution. they will take this as a sign of your seriousness as a candidate and then recommend that the better schools take you because you figured out that they are clearly big phonies.
  7. Woah! Sorry to sidetrack but did anyone ever hear from UBC? According to gradcafe someone interviewed a month ago. Bum bum bum... and another one bites the dust.
  8. It feels like a freaking Disney movie. I'm so excited for you bro. Congratulations!
  9. So I have checked this page hoping for updates at least ten times today. gradcafe too. I have a feeling I'm not the only one ;)
  10. Hahaha, yay! No need to use those 95% off valentine's hearts now. Congratulations!
  11. I got it too. Maybe they were trying to do us a favor by narrowing our choice set. It's like I can already feel the reduction in cognitive load ;) Brush 'em off!
  12. I think we should move away from terms like cut/sadness/heartbreak (Although March Sadness is catchy). We wouldn't be applying for PhDs if we didn't have a lot of options; we are talented, bright, hard-working individuals and we are willing to take chances to pursue what we want. Applications are down this year because many people believe there are better opportunities in industry and industry ain't so bad. Just remember that, no matter what happens, you are the cat's pajamas and it's too bad for the schools you applied to if they didn't see that this year. So I'm going to propose Haters Gonna Hate Week or maybe Brush Your Shoulders Off Week (Get Back on the Horse Week sounds terrible and out-of-touch, but it has the same meaning). One bad application season isn't going to stop us.
  13. Uh oh... after paper review? Sounds like I need to cross INSEAD off my list. I was told this week that they would have a shortlist by *hopefully* next week, but the old INSEAD Marketing posts on gradcafe show only rejections post-feb.
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