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  1. Issue : When assessing the morality of an action, the results of the action are more important than the intent of the person or people performing it What is morality ? This question has a spectrum of answers. In this respect some may argue that if an action has a good result then it is said to be moral and the result decides whether an action is moral, yet in my opinion, intent of the action also matters with the result. To bolster my view, first of all I would like to illustrate, many times in life no matter how desperatly we intent a good for nay thing, its not affirmative that it will result in good. For example, Steve jobs the founder of apple onc., always wanted good for his company. And for that he introduced a strategy in late 80s of dividing his company in two different groups. He thought that both groups will give will try to outwiegh each other by new and innovative developments , but this strategy failed for Steve as apple was divided into two rivals and things were a chaos.After this Steve was asked to leave apple and he did so. Here the intend was good but result gone bad, in this regard, Steve came back into apple after inventing Pixer Studio and proved that it was a mistake to let him go. Hence, intent is aslo paramount for jugding an acion. Yet another example to drive my point is of sports. In sports if a person wins by cheating in the game, then tthe act of cheating can never be treated as morall alhthough the result here is good. Hence, for an action to be moral the intent and result both should be taken into account as in in case of sport, winnig is not the only parameter. Finally, In many religions, it is said that we should not expect the result of an action that whether it is good or bad, we should do the action with good intent. Not always but some time doing an action also results in good result. To conclude it is very extreme to claim that an action is morally correect if the amount of good results from the action is greater than the amountof bad that results from action. Intent has an equal role to play to define morality of any action. Some times good intent may give unfavourable results but that does not mean that action is moral.
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