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  1. Hello Cerealist, Thank you for your comment. It has definitely been helpful. I have been accepted to Duke and now have to make the decision between NYU and Duke (I declined Brandeis' offer). I have reached out to John Caccavale for his insights but never got a response. I also emailed the MA program assistant regarding industry placements but she was no more helpful than their website. My current dilemma is that I much prefer what the program at Duke has to offer and the fact that its degree is STEM qualified is a huge benefit for me as an international student, at the same time NYU's better brand name recognition and access to the financial hub of the world does provide some unique opportunities I would imagine, though MA students have no access to Stern's OCR... Without much knowledge on recruiting efforts and industry placement from Duke though, it is hard to compare and decide. The deadline is approaching very soon yet I have been constantly going back and forth between the two choices... They say options are better than none, but sometimes I do wish I was rejected by one of them haha
  2. Hi guys, could you guys help me choose between these three programs: MA Economics at NYU (Accepted) - 1.5 years MA International Economics and Finance at Brandeis (Accepted with significant scholarship) - 2 years MA Applied Financial Economics at Duke (Awaiting Decision) - 2 years Specifically, I would appreciate if you could comment on each school's academic reputation compared to each other, their recruiting facilities and employment prospects as well as career resources, taking into consideration that I am an international student. As you can tell, I'm not interested in pursuing a PhD in the future and working in the industry is the goal here. Personally, I'm interested in Financial Economics so I really like the Duke's program but am not so sure about the recruiting there. NYU is preferable in terms of location and prestige, but the program would be less financially oriented. And I just don't know enough about Brandeis but the scholarship made it a lot more attractive. Thanks!
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