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  1. I will already have a degree in economics and I thought it may be unlogical to have a second one. The other thing is that I also want to learn some finance. It is obvious that I am not able to go to a Phd program in September this year so I thought it may be useful to study at BGSE in this gap year. I also thougt I may continue at UPF for Phd if things would not go as I want. I took these econ courses; one semester micro, one semester macro and the others. They were ok but I feel they were not the excelent preparation.
  2. Hey everybody, I am thinking about applying to the master program in finance at BGSE. I have an undergraduate degree in Math, and will have a masters degree in Economics in July.(two years masters degree in a European country) The university where I did my masters is one of the best in my country but not well known in Europe, but my profesors all graduated from USA. I still have the feeling that I am not ready for Phd in the Usa. I have a good mathematical background, also programming skills. My courses in the master program: micro, macro, econometrics, time series, international trade theory and politics, International Monetary Theory And Policies, Growth Theory, Development Economics and my thesis subject is about USA. I am interested in macro, econometrics, development, growth, financial economics. Since I will have a degree in economics, I will apply to the finance program. But I still want to take some courses from economics program. How many courses can I take in one semester at BGSE? I am planning to take 4-5 courses per semester. Besides the core finance courses, I want to take macro or econometrics or growth courses. Do you guys think it is manageble to take 4 or 5 courses in a semester? My other question is about applying to Phd programs in the USA. Most of the programs have deadlines in December. So can I take letter of recommendation in December, in three months? I will be 25 years old when I finish the program and I do not want to wait for a year! Have you guys heard anyone who succeded to get an admission after there months at BGSE? It seems that I would even not get the results of the exams in December. The other problem is that there is almost no time to apply the Phd programs whose deadlines are in January. I have the felling that my profile is not enough for a top-30 school. By the wayI can get good lor at any time from my profs now. I may do like this: I may begin the BGSE (if I am accepted!), use its reputation and lors of my profs now. I do not waht to do! I am looking forward your comments. Thanks
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