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  1. You certainly have some chance, and your profile looks good. But all applicants have good looking profiles. You probably should expand that list with a lot of schools in the top 20-40 range. Also look at other good programs in the UK (UCL, Oxford, Cambridge) and continental Europe (Pompue Fabra, Bonn, Mannheim, PSE, TSE, EUI, Tilburg). Don't retake the GRE. PS. Don't put 'Talented in STATA' on your application.
  2. No need to retake the GRE. I think you've checked all the boxes to be admitted to a good program. Just apply to as much of the top 20 as you can afford, including some reaches and safeties.
  3. Yep with OP, sorry for misquote
  4. Are you still holding a funded offer to both? In that case know that you are holding someone's spot...
  5. You need econometrics in order to cover some basics of linear regression, ways of calculating properties of estimators (variance, assymptotic distribution etc). I presume you statistics courses cover this sort of thing (the applied linear course and time series, that is). Might want to clarify that it does in your application, just to avoid confusion.
  6. If you submit papers they need to be in certain formats; very easy to manage in Latex. That's the main benefit, especially for the bibliography.
  7. Please do check some courses taught at econ PhDs. They are about as distant from your interests as can be.
  8. May I ask why you would want a PhD in Economics, given your interest?
  9. Whats with everyone reposting earlier questions in new threats?? http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/155025-questions-about-master-economics.html#post992868
  10. You asked the same question a month ago in a different topic.. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/155063-gpa-floor-phd-econ-admissions.html
  11. It also depends on how you define target and average. Is it 'nominal' to graduate in 5 years, or is the nominal time shorter and do people simply take longer on average? In both cases you being faster would not matter much, other than that it would look bad if you were slower than the nominal time.
  12. For UK programs, I would strongly recommend Cambridge. You would need to end up in the top 30-20% in your cohort though, which is less easy then it sounds. No clue on Duke vs Cambridge for US T20; agree with ZYX that it probably also depends on your background .
  13. I think your summary is correct. In terms of placements, I would add that Cambridge places well at policy institutes and that PhD funding might be more generous (in real terms) than the others you mention. The MPhil Res here seems more rigorous than UCL's MSc (yet less than its MRes) from program descriptions. I faced the same choice (minus UCL) last year, and would not have done it different if I were to choose again. Agree with your comments about cohorts; students from other UG places were usually (near) top of their class. Specific questions about Cambridge welcome through PM.
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