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  1. I have written the below issue for GRE awa practice.I know it is very bad but please give me points of improvement and also how much can i expect in gre with this kind of essay. Thanks in advance. Issue topic: To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. The major characteristic of any society is the culture of the native people of that society. The characteristics are also depicted in the architecture of their cities. According to me the rural areas depict the characteristics more prominently rather than the major cities. The major cities of any society is the center of that society. It’s the place where you will find most of the trade and commerce taking place. Over the years the major cities undergo changes in order to accommodate the growing demands of the people. People from different parts of the world migrate and they change the place to suit their needs. The old architecture is replaced by modern buildings to accommodate more people. On the other we usually do not see people migrating to rural areas. The occupation of most of the people in the rural area is agriculture or related activities. Due to these they do the natives also do not have the tendency to leave the place. As there is no major increase in the activities in these places we usually do not see major changes in the culture or architecture of the place. Thus the culture is more prominent in rural areas. But there has to be an exception, we know of major cities like Rome which in spite of being the trade capitals have preserved their culture as well as the architecture. If the government and people make an effort to preserve the heritage of the place they surely can succeed in doing so. Even though we cannot entirely study the culture of the society in major cities but we surely can have a glimpse of it. Thus I would conclude by saying we surely can see the culture of any society in its major cities but to study it we need to look at its rural areas.
  2. Hi, I have written the below issue for GRE awa practice.I know it is very bad but please give me points of improvement and also how much can i expect in gre with this kind of essay. Thanks in advance. Issue topic:As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Technology is an integral part of our lives today. The growing technology has produced some great wonders, which we never imagined were possible a few years ago. It is the human who has developed technology, so I do not agree that technology hinders human thinking ability. The world population is growing at an exponential rate. In order to meet the needs of so many people it is necessary that we become efficient and productive with the limited resources we have. It is technology which has enabled us to be highly efficient in terms of food and shelter. The area of land which could produce 100kg of rice is now capable of producing 10 times more with the help of modern technology. The modern day technology is not only supporting us but also helping us survive. Imagine if we did not have cars, trains or airplanes. How would you travel long distances? You would be confined to a small area. Today we can roam around the world and see places which ancestors never knew even existed. The transport and communication has enabled us to do business on a global level. Our best technology creation, computer has worked wonders for us. Complex calculation, saving information as well as making this information available with just a click is just amazing. It is the humans who have created this new technology to save our lives from dreadful diseases. We try to make our lives as easy as possible and today technology has made this possible in every way. There are two sides to every coin. Technology also has disadvantages. Today the children start using calculators at an early age in school .Even simple calculations which were earlier done manually are now being done on calculators. This hinders the development of the brain. We refrain from walking even short distances which has adverse effects on our health. But these things can be avoided by taking some precautionary steps. Thus, I would conclude by saying that we do rely on technology today but, it does not hamper our thinking ability.
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