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  1. They said "interested parties need only apply to one or the other program". I'm not sure however if they mean that as prohibitive. But applying to both, will probably improve my chances. Any advice on stating that I'm interested in pursuing the joint degree? They state it is also possible to transfer to the joint program after being admitted to PhD in either department.
  2. Hi, I'm really interested in getting into the joint program in Financial Economics at the University of Chicago, I'm wondering if it's better, for any reason, to apply through one department or the other in order to maximize the probability of being accepted and getting funded. Are the admission committee in each department looking at different things? Is it background dependent? Or once I state that I want to apply to the joint program it won't matter anymore? Should I state that I want to apply to the joint program? Also, does the master conferred is dependent on the department you apply? Chicago Econ department is well known for sending unfunded offers, is this true as well for Booth? I've a bachelor's degree in finance and a bachelor's degree in economics both from a university outside U.S.A. that usually places students in the top 20, more in economics than in finance, but it happens as well, and I'm going to finish an economics master that is specially rigorous in economic theory. Thanks in advance
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