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  1. Thanks sb29. Thank you so much XanthusARES, your decision tree makes so much sense, and encouraging :)
  2. Hi, I do not see any contact us email or phone number anywhere within this forum site. Is there none? If not, then how to reach out to you? I have just replied to your welcome email at hello@urch.com and hello@testmagic.com Please have someone revert and action. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Request your inputs on my profile as below, for a PhD Marketing program fitment. To lay first on the table, developing an interest through this funnel has been over time. e.g, I am an MBA and I was not sure of pursuing a long term career in business before I had even started on the program, but gradually over time, I realized my interest in Marketing, thus my major. Finally again, through couple of more years, I developed an interest in pursuing a career in academia. So while I was not at the end of the funnel right from the start, it has evolved. And so I hope would my research topics and acquired knowledge as well. Also, just to add on a different note, my grades through high school have all been in top 1-3% of class. Research Interest - Marketing - Customer Experience Design in Early Phase Enterprises - Metrics that make such a design scalable (As mentioned above, I am not sure if this is a topic or area or field) Undergrad - B.S (Computer Science Engineering) - not top 10 or 20 but a decent university in India (JNT University Hyderabad) GPA - not sure, it is on a percentile scale. I secured 66% for a First Class (while 70% is for a Distinction as per university GPA) Postgrad - MBA - Marketing major from AIM, Manila, Philippines (AACSB accredited and one of the best in Asia). GPA - 3.6 on a 5 scale (which is equivalent to 86% - a 3 GPA being 80%. Class topper secured 4.1). Marketing GPA 4 (top 1% of class). However, one concern is that I have one subject in my term-1 with a fail grade which had damaged my overall term-1 grades, but that was for reasons outside academics, while I notched up to compensate this damage in all my subsequent grades pretty well. Research Experience - With regard to real academic research, none. (never got a chance). However, we had a MBA thesis called MRR (Management Research Report) not mere a project submission (had to defend through 7 hours with 10 months of rigorous homework). Secured grade top 1% of class and thesis converted into a case. Work Experience - 5 years with Oracle and 3 years in early phase startups (Marketing & BD). Not sure of my pre-MBA workex, but my post-MBA time around marketing roles in startups has also gone a long way in digging out gaps in industry and the need to know more in my chosen area of interest, to help teach future leaders better. To add, I have been a products guy all my life. Building & managing concepts & products. Other Experiences - Not sure if these will be counted in the profile evaluation by universities, but I have a very strong & impactful community experience. GRE - 326 (Q-168, V-158) TOEFL - 112 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION - Can get both LORs from profs who have done pretty good research work in the global community. I am keen on pursuing a career in business academia specializing in Marketing. Kindly suggest what would be low-hanging for me (top 20, 50, 100) or possible far fetched. Also, some insights on how big a damage my term-1 fail grade in one subject will be. (All other grades in all terms and also beyond my MBA have been within top quartile). Thanks!
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