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  1. Hi ! I am a prospective Phd Business applicant. Can anyone recommend good MA Economics Programs as a preparation for a Phd in Business in Canada? I cam across UBC, Waterloo and Concordia. These programs require a good economics undergrad, and are geared towards a Phd in Economics...any suggestions? Thanks! :eager:
  2. Hi YaSvoboden, I intend to complete the CPA during the completion of my Masters in Accountancy program, because from my limited research on good accounting Phd programs, it seems the CPA will make my application more competitive. Do you think it's superfluous, considering I am already pursuing a CA, which is somewhat similar? My reasons for the MAcc are precisely what you mention though I didn't think of it as a backup option, only as a first step towards a Phd. I will focus on the MAcc first, as you suggest. The year long postgrad research is a Masters of Philosophy offered by some universities in my country. Its a pre-Phd program consisting of one semester of coursework, and a second semester of thesis etc. This is intended to gain some research experience. None of the professors have published in well known journals. Should I focus on trying to build relationships with the professors at MAcc program I might be admitted to instead of the whole MPhil thing? I am interested in empirical research. My knowledge about research areas is rudimentary, but I am interested in financial accounting and corporate governance; what "paths" as you put it, should I consider ? So far have not taken any math courses, just the generic prerequisites for the MAcc/MPA...Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Introduction to Statistics. I assumed that the Chartered Accountancy and the Masters curriculum would suffice for the accounting course requirement. Am I wrong in making that assumption? Thank You for your time.
  3. If students intend to pursue a Phd in Accounting (in the States, specifically) immediately after their Masters, how do they go about applying to the program? Do they apply to both in the same year? If they continue to pursue their Phd with the same institution that they completed their Masters at...can they begin the Phd program immediately on completion of their Masters...? does it depend on some sort of understanding between the student and the department? What is the norm/ acceptable/ feasible process one should follow in this regard? Any feedback would be much appreciated...:eager:
  4. Thank you for replying... I am an international student. My undergrad is from a french university (Universite de Perpignan) in Tourism Management :upset: I was working in a different industry before switching to accounting. I have a Bachelors in Commerce. I am currently studying for my Masters in Commerce, as well as the Chartered Accountancy exams in my country, and aim to secure good grades in both. My long term plan is to teach and research. I hope to do a Phd from a top tier university, and plan to complete the CPA while studying for the MPA. My profile isn't impressive due to the facts: I am older, my masters and bachelors are not from competitive/ well-known universities, I won't have significant professional accounting experience when I apply, neither will I have any research experience... I am trying to leverage l this by trying to get good grades in the Masters program I am currently enrolled in, I will enroll myself in a one year postgrad research program in my country, and try to secure a national rank in my CA professional exams. I have not taken the GMAT as yet. I wrote to McCombs admission office and they told me that if I enrolled in their Masters program in September, I'd have to apply for the PHD by December...I don't know if that's the norm...
  5. Hi, I am a current accounting student, albeit a a trifle older (30). I hope to pursue a Masters, followed by a Phd in Accounting. I would be 33/34 when applying to the Masters program, I don't want to lose any more time, and begin my PHD on completion of the Masters program(hopefully)... since one typically applies for a program a year before the actual program starts...am i supposed to apply for both masters and Phd in the same year ? How does this work? apologies if the question seems inane...:blush: thanks
  6. 1. Is it realistic to apply for a Phd in accounting at Columbia (or any other top school) at age 33 - 34 ? What factors, if any, can I use to offset my age (apart from a high GMAT score and publishing in top journals, the former is doable, the latter...I don't know if I can manage that ) ? 2. I am applying for a Phd prep track Masters in Accounting, before I embark towards the Phd...what math courses should I take to prepare me for the Masters? Thanks,
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