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  1. Thank you Econ2011, it is actually a really helpful contribution. Maybe "defend my grades" is not correctly formulated but he can tell, as my thesis supervisor, that those grades do not represent my intuition for economics. He knows me very well and I trust his judgement, the only thing I need him to achieve is to convince the admission committees to look at further aspects in my application. Perhaps it is too much to ask for, I know. I hope I am not fooling myself but I will try to prove in my application that I am ready for an Econ graduate program, it doesn't have to be top10 or else. As I see it a PhD program trains students to become excellent researchers. Grades are one of the most reliable and important aspects to filter future good researchers but I hope there are more. One of the cards I will have to play is the fact that I have a full-time position at the Research Department in the Central Bank of my country where I am exposed to problems in Economics every day. Even in my small country, it is a very competitive position. Hence I do have experience as research economist, working together with very good PhD holders from top programs. Besides that, I will take two graduate courses in Economics that I have to get an A at, in order to prove my point. Maybe you are right and those grades make it too hard to convince adcoms that I am ready for an Econ Program. But I will just try to do, what is possible for me to do right now and give it one more try. I will ask in IU, MSU and Duke, that were the programs that made some rejection rounds before I got mine. Thank you very much for sharing your point of view it has helped me further. @Where To Go: I hope not. I got a 102 together which means I have 26+ in all other areas... from the programs I applied to the only one that mention something specific about the writing section was MSU.... I mean the only one I did not fullfil. Thanks for taking the time to help me! =)
  2. This is a difficult position for me, because I believe I could apply to a lot of top 20 programs, but I do not want to make the same mistakes I made this cycle. After 10 rejections one might be less self-confident. That is why I left out very good schools like Michigan University, in that case, I thought Wisconsin-Madison is slightly better in IO and Econometrics combined and UCSD makes a huge jump into the top 10 if I filter the rankings to econometrics. Other programs such as Duke and UCLA are great options also that I did not shortlisted in order to diversify the programs I will apply. MSU asks for at least 22 in writing TOEFL and I have 21...so I did not want to risk it again (quite a silly reason to cross-out a good option since their website specifically mention that part of the test) while U Virginia, Penn State and Ohio State University in the same range of schools seem to me like very good options too without that obstacle. I can happily sacrifice some programs outside the top 30 to put options like Yale, Michigan, UPenn, Duke or UCLA, I just do not want to end up with 20 rejections this year. My econometrics professor happily agreed to mention that my bad grades in Economics do not reflect my aptitute towards it. I believe he will put a lot of effort on trying to present me as a great candidate. That is important since he will be the only one from Germany who will write me a letter this year. Does this improvement together with two strong letters justify to mainly aim to top20? I am just a little surprised what letters can make for an application.
  3. Thank you very much for your comments. They are really helpful to me. Your speculation, xjxji, seems very possible. I will talk to my LoR writers about it. At the moment, I went back to school (as student) after a couple of years. I hope that a graduate IO course will help me. I made this shortlist of programs I am interested in. If you have one or two sentences about any of them or in general it would be very cool if you share it with me while I search for old threads in here. University of California, Berkeley (UCB) New York University University of Wisconsin-Madison University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Cornell University University of Rochester Boston University Johns Hopkins University University of Texas, Austin Ohio State University Pennsylvania State University University of Virginia University of Illinois University of North Carolina Arizona State University University of Arizona University of Iowa Indiana University Purdue University University of Southern California Rice University I hope to get a list 15+ programs (I would apply to all 21 too)...Do you think I am wasting my money with the most competitive programs? Thank you!!
  4. I am far from good score in verbal...but I took the GRE two times the first one I had 145 and the second one (two weeks later) I got 156. From my experience I would tell you that in that area it would be like 10% technique (eliminate options, logical conclusions, etc) and 90% knowing a lot of words. If you feel you have learned how to do the test... the only thing you can do is learn a lot of worlds. I am not sure if this tip would change if you are native speaker....but it worked for me. About importance: read their websites, sometimes they mention verbal score but I strongly doubt that it is really important as HowDoIUserName told you. Good Luck to you!
  5. Thank you very much econdoc! I appreciate your advice a lot! Actually, I am evaluating programs right now... Do you people have any particular tips on how to collect information about the programs that can tell me (between lines I suppose) how "mathematical" they are for example, or any particularities of the program. Of course, I can read their website and in some cases it will be very clear, but in some other maybe it won't. I have been looking at the faculty profs distribution by interests, their CVs, IDEAS Rankings... do you have any other information sources or approaches you think might be helpful. Thank you very much!
  6. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Mathematics (German Top 20 University) Undergrad GPA: 3.71 Overall (4.0 Math) Type of Grad: Mathematics for Economics (German Top 20 University) Grad GPA: 3.68 Overall (4.0 Major) GRE: Q:167 V:156 AW:3 Math Courses: Analysis I,II Ordinary Differential Equations, Measure Theory, Complex Analysis, Stochastic Analysis, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Linear Opti, Discrete Opti, Non-Linear Opti Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Introduction to Economics,Statistics II, Introduction to Econometrics Econ Courses (grad-level): Methods of Eonometrics,Intermadiate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Panel Data Analysis, Microeconometrics, Time Series Analysis Other Courses: some Business Administrarion courses Letters of Recommendation: 1) Math Professor(knows me well) 2) Econometrics Professor(knows me very well) 3) Statistics Professor Professor (knows me very well) Research Experience: 1 year working in a Central Bank and 1 Internship Central Bank (honor thesis + 2 papers) Teaching Experience: 5 semester math lecturer SOP: Worked a lot on it Concerns: LoRs (prob. not known in the US), GRE-Aw, too few econ courses, and two low grades Interests: Econometrics, IO, Netwokrs Other: I feel I did some bad program choices.I did have the restriction to get in a T30 in order to have funding assured. Applying to:Harvard,MIT,Stanford,Yale,Cornell,Duke,Brown,Penn State,Michigan State,Indiana University RESULTS: Acceptances: - Waitlists: - Rejections: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Duke, Brown, Penn State, Michigan State, Indiana University Pending: - Attending: - Comments: I learned a lot this year that will help in the next cycle. I had literally no experience on applying and did not have the time to understand the process (my part of the process) making sure the LoR will be good, make a deeper research on the programs, making all details of the application pointing to the same direction and not just drop all the requirements... this is a great please to learn about it. I am very thankful to have found this forum. What I will do differently? I will take more time to talk to my LoR writers and have a good notion of what they will be writing about me. Be more clear about my interests. And applying to a wider and less competitive range of programs.
  7. Dear people! First of all congratulations to all who got offers, specially if those offers were from your favorite programs. To those who still have to decide, I wish you a lot of success on your decision. And those who still are hoping I wish it comes out the best result for you. I was not successful this year, I got 10 rejections (out of 10) it is very hard, but I am very motivated to try again this year. Finally, I want to thank you all for your information sharing that really makes it easier I was cheering for all of you and celebrated your good news!!!
  8. For 2015 cycle I applied to: Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Duke, Brown, Penn State, Michigan State, Indiana Type of Undergrad: Mathematics (German University), minor Economics+Business Administration Undergrad GPA: 3.64 Type of Grad: Mathematics for Economics (German University) Grad GPA: 3.68 GRE: Q 167 V 156 AW 3 Math Courses: Linear Algebra I (A+), Linear Algebra II(A+), Introduction to Algebra(A+), Analysis I (A+), Analysis II (A-), Ordinary Differential Equations (A), Measure Theory (A), Complex Analysis(A), Numerical Analysis(A-), Introduction to Stochastic(A-), Probability Theroy(A-), Stochastic Analysis(A-), Stochastic Partial Differential Equations(A-), Linear Opti(A), Discrete Opti(A), Non-Linear Opti(A) Econ Courses: Introduction to Economics(B-), Intermadiate Microeconomics(B+), Intermediate Macroeconomics©, Statistic II[sort of pre-econometrics](A-), Introduction to Econometrics(A-), Methods of Econometrics©,Panel Data Analysis(A), Microeconometrics(A-), Time Series Analysis(A-) Other Courses: Business Administration I+II, Bookeeping I+II, Internet Economics, IT Project Management, Computer Science (programming) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Econometris Professor(knows me very well, thesis advisor, can help me explain the bad grades if I ask him) 2) Math/Statistics Professor (PhD France, Post-Doctoral work in Stanford) 3) Math Professor (knows me, but I haven't worked with him since 2009) (for this new cycle) 4) Economics Professor (PhD UPENN, this can turn into a very good letter I have to do some RA with him this couple of months) (for this new cycle) 5) Colleague from Research Department Central Bank (PhD in Top 5) (for this new cycle) 6) Prof in Industrial Organization (PhD UC Berkeley Hass, very active) Research Experience: 1+ year working in a Central Bank (2 papers) + 1 Internship Central Bank (3 Months, 1 paper) + Honor thesis (Applied Econometrics) Teaching Experience: 7 semester math (linear algebra, probaility theory, math for economics, calculus) lecturer at home University (Latin-American university) SoP: It is always hard to tell how good it is. Many people with some experience have helped me with that. Interests: Econometrics, Microeconomics, evtl. Industrial Organization...I am taking my first graduate course on this right now, it might not be smart to mention it as interest after only a course. Other: I graduated in 2011 and have worked since then in Math R&D Departments until last year where I was hired by our Central Bank Research Department. TOEFL(102) Math Olympiads(1 IMO, some regional olympiads with medals) Should I mention this? Concerns: Bad grades in Economics. My priority at the end of my studies in Germany was to get finished asap because I didn´t have enough financial support, my time overseas was already too long. I was not comfortable anymore.I started studying in Germany after only a year of having learned the language, my basis knowledge in economics was mediocre during the whole program. I hate to give excuses, I just want to make the point that those grades do not represent my interest in Economics nor my ability (which I think I should show somehow) ---------------- I was rejected in every single program. I can understand that almost all of those programs were long shots for my profile (or maybe all of them?). But not even getting in any waiting list or an unfunded offer from the less competitive programs I applied to, make me believe there most be something important missing in my profile. I can also be very wrong here, but I believe(!) I do have some strengths that should be interesting for programs in the top 20 to 30 but this is not really important. I will be vary careful with my LoR this time and make sure I get strong recommendations. It would be very nice of you mates if you help me with your advice where to apply, or your comments in general. I really do not care if I get in a top 10 or a top 100 program. I only want to do get a PhD and try to be the best in my program and then be happy doing research. I would be very happy in programs where I can use a lot of the math I have learned. I am starting the research in the programs where I can fit in. Consider that I have the opportunity to accept an unfounded offer from any top 30 since my current employer would be helping me with that. Thank you!
  9. I have checked (a lot!, haha) no mails and status still underreview. I guess I better write an email to ask. Thank you for this info.
  10. I think that a university such as Duke would not forget to send you rejection letter. I believe you are in a waiting list. The same thing is happening to me with Michigan State University, no answer. They surely already read your file and don't know what to do with you. That is kind of good I believe. Good Luck!
  11. It was me who wrote that. haha.... here the email as of March 12th: "The Department has not sent out decisions yet – but I am told they will do so during the week of March 23-27. I will send an email notification to applicants regarding their decision status as soon as I receive the committee’s information."
  12. I came to the same conclusion weeks ago. But I am a very anxious person and it became part of my routine so I keep doing that... a not too rational behavior haha
  13. My Website checking ritual is getting very short by now. I was (finally) rejected by Duke. I am still hoping to get off the weird waitlist from Michigan State and Indiana University which I like everyday more. =)
  14. I just do not get what is it with Duke. I feel that they are letting a lot of people wait for only a few possible spots. Although I have not gotten any admission I have been taught to keep hoping until the end haha.
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