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  1. Congrats! Good news! This is one of the reason to come here, I am happy for you!
  2. An empty inbox folder can be so annoying =(
  3. 1. If you do not know what to do, you can in this case write all numbers and check one by one. This is clearly only an option if you have no idea what to do. 2. Now, a more practical answer: A multiple of 30 can be written 30*k. You need 12 to divide 30*k that is only possible if k is multiple of 2. This is because 12 has two 2's in its factorization and 30 only one. You are considering 12 numbers namely 30*1,30*2,30*3,...,30*12 (any other is greater than 360, not multiple of 30 or not positive). That is k = 1,2,3,...,12 and you want to know which of them are multiple of 2. These are 2,4,6,8,10,12 that is 6 numbers of 12... that means 50% of the numbers or 1/2. I tried to keep my solution simple but understandable. I hope it is both.
  4. Looking at GradCafe you will find that some admissions come later for some programs (Remember that GC might have fake posts though). Look at the program you are wondering about and how they release results. No news sometimes means good news too. Hopefully you get positive news soon.
  5. Is it possible the university is trying to get as much as they can from applicants by hoping some of them agree to enter the program with their own funding? Doing this they can extend a couple of additional funding offers.
  6. That I know of: Indiana University and Michigan State. Good Luck to you too!
  7. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Mathematics (German Top 20 University) Undergrad GPA: 3.71 Overall (4.0 Math) Type of Grad: Mathematics for Economics (German Top 20 University) Grad GPA: 3.68 Overall (4.0 Major) GRE: Q:167 V:156 AW:3 Math Courses: Analysis I,II Ordinary Differential Equations, Measure Theory, Complex Analysis, Stochastic Analysis, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Linear Opti, Discrete Opti, Non-Linear Opti Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Introduction to Economics,Statistics II, Introduction to Econometrics Econ Courses (grad-level): Methods of Eonometrics,Intermadiate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Panel Data Analysis, Microeconometrics, Time Series Analysis Other Courses: some Business Administrarion courses Letters of Recommendation: 1) Math Professor(knows me well) 2) Econometrics Professor(knows me very well) 3) Statistics Professor Professor (knows me very well) Research Experience: 1 year working in a Central Bank and 1 Internship Central Bank (honor thesis + 2 papers) Teaching Experience: 5 semester math lecturer SOP: Worked a lot on it Concerns: LoRs (prob. not known in the US), GRE-Aw, too few econ courses, and two low grades Interests: Econometrics, IO, Netwokrs Other: I feel I did some bad program choices.I did have the restriction to get in a T30 in order to have funding assured. Applying to:Harvard,MIT,Stanford,Yale,Cornell,Duke,Brown,Penn State,Michigan State,Indiana University
  8. I guess it is tough "not to feel stressed" for many of us. That is why I like reading this forum. It is a reminder of the fact that one is not alone. After reading some posts you find yourself rooting for the members of this community. Good Luck!
  9. What do you thing happen to LOR writers not known by adcoms? For example a well known Math Prof. in Europe which I believe won´t be recognized by an Economics adcom. Do adcoms make like a background check or they consider them as not-known and that's it?
  10. If you keep it very short the worst it can happen is that they don't even look at it. Many schools have this as part of your application.
  11. In that case you are just fine! In your position I would take the course that you like the most and get an A! Good Luck!
  12. What other math courses in have you taken? I think you are covered in Probability theory/Statistics with statistical math, but you also will need some Analysis, a course with some topological concepts...from what I have read, I believe you should take Analysis.
  13. Me too! Finished sending applications. The waiting has begun.
  14. I would say you are just fine there. I think that maybe you could spend a few lines in your SoP talking about math and why it won´t be a problem or add a good grade in Real Analysis when you are finished, which would be perfect. Apply only to the schools you really would go. Finally, review the Profiles and Results from other years....that will give a notion, although that is just a reference. My advices are based on comments from other threads. I am not an expert. Hope someone with more experience give you a better advice. I wish you good luck!
  15. Some(!) topics that maybe you should have heard from are: Metric Spaces, Normed Spaces, Continuity, Compactness, Fixed Point Theory, Linear Spaces, Differential Equations (Exact,Separable,...) Implicit function theorem, Some topological definitions like open and closed sets for example.... I believe(!) it is not that important whether you have heard each topic or not, I believe that the notion of logic and proofs are more important . Wish you best luck!!
  16. It is difficult to find out what is the right answer, if there was one. Nobody is going to tell you that you haven't got an offer because you did the terrible mistake of (not) naming the professors you would like to work with. In my opinion you should trust yourself, if you feel comfortable doing it, do it. The SoP is your personal touch in the application and this decision is a part of it. I have submitted a few already, in some of them I am naming two Profs, or only one Prof., in some I am naming none. I wish you good luck!!
  17. Anything. Just a few deadline is approaching emails.
  18. I think that the rest of your application, that what one can see here, is very good. I believe that if they let go a very good application just because the GRE is not the highest they are not doing their job well. You only will have to live with the fact that many applicants with similar profiles will have higher Q Score. I don't think professors care too muchi about your feelings, they will probably first tell you the truth so relax!
  19. Do you mean the application itself or after the suplementary documentation (financial support, maybe only for internationals like me)? I got anything after the latter.
  20. I hope for the second. He told me, that I will need very good recomendation letters and that he will help me with that. So I guess it will be very good. Thank you for your reply!
  21. SoP is meant to write about YOUR interests and why they fit their department. That means, in my opinion, that if naming a Prof. will help them get an idea of what you want, then go ahead. But only to prove that you did what any other person can do (read their website) maybe it is not a good idea. Thats how I see it! I wish you the best luck!
  22. Maybe you should try posting this in the Forum for PhD Economics. I have seen a lot of feedback there. Good Luck
  23. 1. The area of a triangle is base*height. If you draw the height to A you will realize that it is the same for all three triangles. That means if the areas are different it is only because the bases are different. But they are equal as BC=CD=DE. That means that all three areas are equal. You have to compare the sum of two equal areas with other two which are equal too. The correct answer is C 2. Draw a line parallel to CD through A. Since the figure is not drawn to scale you can imagine that A moves along that line you just draw... hopefully you can imagine that both angles could be less, equal or greater than the other. Good luck!
  24. Im not an expert but I think many of us wish to have your problems. In your position I would use that experience to prove your versatility. Which is a good thing when it comes to any challenging undertaken. Just make clear that you are sure of what you want. Let's read advices from members with experience. Good Luck!
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