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  1. Is it 2015 already!? I am not even done sending applications and I am already looking at the calendar. Some chat here might help. I have a very bad AW and have no idea if that's going to hurt my application although I know there are a lot of more important things anyway. Maybe the fact that I am not a native speaker will help. (Not looking for advice, just some chat =) )
  2. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/139938-who-should-explain-bad-grade.html Is pretty much the same discussion and it is well aswered. I am sorry. You might delete this Thread. I do not know how.
  3. I had a very low but passing grade in a course called: Research Methods in Economics. A big deal for someone who wants to pursue a PhD in Economics. It was a one test course and I had a really bad day (the grade in the test is the same in the course). The program did not allowed me to retake courses which I have passed. The rest of my grades in anything related with economics research are A's. The prof from that same course (and all others research related courses) was my thesis advisor (in Economics Research) and will write me a good LoR. And now I have a couple of years of experience in research. I would say I compensated that particular matter. Here my question: Should I mention it in the SoP? In general I believe that I should let my records and LoR talk for me. And SoP is a valuable space to discuss research background and aspirations, not for that kind of excuses. But it looks pretty bad in my transcripts, sometimes I think too bad. What do you mean? Thanks! P.S. This forum is the biggest help I could have, thanks for that too!
  4. Thank you! I am trying not to worry. One sees a lot of very talented people around here that I understand every detail will be needed to achieve the goal.
  5. That's a great advice. I have given that some thinking already. But I am sure I am very interested in the whole package. I am aware also of the fact that been interested doesn't make me good,I wouldn't consider myself special when it comes to the rest of economics but I am sure I would be good enough. Nevertheless I know If I have the chance to impress someone It would be with econometrics. I have to find the field where I can use the econometrics, right now I am enthusiastic about Industrial Organization and Networks but I would lie if I say I know a lot about it. My concern is about the best way to sell myself. Thanks!
  6. I have heard and read a lot about how important are math courses when it comes to a PhD in Economics. But I am wondering what would be the best strategy for a mathematician who is particularly interested in Econometrics. Should I spend time on proving that I will do well in courses where it takes more than just math? Will that be a concern of the committee? Or is it better to concentrate on my potential strength in Econometrics and try to convince the committee that I am a good candidate. I was good at the few courses on Econometrics I took. Not too much in Micro and Macro. Thanks!
  7. hmm by looking at what yoy would be learning in Calc IV I am sure you could teach your self ODE which is very important knowledge. So if you do not care about knowing Diff Eq without having it in your record, I would keep Calc IV. In order to be able to take Stoch Processes which is a very useful course as well. The book Mathematical Economics from Alpha Chiang is a great book to learn Diff Eq. Greetings and Good Luck!
  8. To 1. I have read a couple of times that successful applicants scored the highest on GRE Quant. I like to believe that they mean in the 800-scala. Which would be 165 or more in the new score. I have read that not top GRE or GPA might be compensated (prob not both) with very good LoRs and SoP. Maybe someone with more experience can correct if I am wrong.
  9. I guess not. I am applying myself and I do not see that as requirement anywhere. To confirm that I just looked the way they tell in another program if they do. Since I found out that it is required in American Studies in less than a minute, I believe we are on the right track =P. Greetings and Good Luck!
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