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  1. Ok, I'll delete my profile, or at least change my password to something that I will never remember so I can't access it again. I'm sorry to be such a nuisance to everyone on this forum. Goodbye, and I guess that I'll figure it out on my own from here.
  2. Thanks for the advice man. I know that I need to get my math grades up, and hopefully, with me figuring out in the future what I'm doing wrong, I can do it. In terms of targeting schools, I would be happy with a top 70 or a top 80 school for a PhD in economics. But at the same time, my plans could change in the future regarding what kind of grad program I want to do. If I do something in policy, I'll probably have more options. I'm undecided right now, but am keeping on the econ path at least until I graduate from my undergrad program. Then I'll take a hard look and figure out what specifically I want o do. So it sounds like people are moving towards the Singapore thing. I'll definitely take a look at that, and put that as my number one choice for now. Thanks again for all you help, it really means a lot.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Like I said before, I want an MA in economics, but I'm open to getting a policy or political science degree. The professor that I'm currently an RA for does really cool political economy work on Southeast Asia with a PhD in political science, and I can see myself doing that too. On the other hand, there is a lot of cool work that economists do too. I can see myself doing both, and I am open to doing both. Both possible future careers make me just as happy, but I prefer economics because it can be applied to more areas of policy. Although I'm not 100% yet what kind of degree I ultimately want to get, I still want to finish my math minor. For that, I need Linear Algebra, Discrete Math and an advanced class like Real Analysis or Ordinary Differential Equations. I'm planning on taking those classes at other universities than my home university so my grade doesn't impact my GPA. Regarding the advice that people like tm_member and chateauheart gave me, I know that I have deficiencies in my profile, and I'm working to correct them. However, this thread was specifically about what I should do over the summer, and nothing else. You guys have told me 1000 times that my profile sucks and I should just I've up economics grad school entirely. I know what you think about me and my profile, and you don't have to respond to the threads that I start. The only that I asked was what I should do over the summer, and that's it. I don't your advice anymore because I've heard it before/. Posting your opinion again is not helping me figure out what I should do over the summer, which is the point of this thread. So please either answer my question or stop commenting on my threads that my profile is weak for economics grad school, my math grades are awful and that I should give up trying. I've heard it before.
  4. I still want to have some research experience, which why I am applying for internships. Since I would taking the class at a place that's not my home university, the grade won't transfer, so it won't really matter what I get, as long as I get at least a B. I'll definitely work hard and try and get the best grade that I can in order to show myself that I can do it. I would take two math classes, but my university ends in mid-June, since I'm studying abroad, and as a result, I can't take two math classes. If I was back home at my home university, I could. As a result, I can only do one term of summer school. I'll check to see if I can do two math classes in that term, but with the internship, it might be too much.
  5. Like I said in my original post, no matter ifI get an internship or not, I will be taking a math class over the summer ad improving my math skills. What more can I do?
  6. Thank you for your feedback. I am doing well in my economics courses (3.59 GPA), but I was never really that strong in math, so for me, it's like an engineer taking medieval english literature. I was always really strong in, and interested in, IR, that's why I majored in it. I'm sorry that I'm not a math and economics double major, and live in a Banach space all the time, but I'm just trying to figure out my path at this point. I took math classes because I wanted to go to grad school in economics, and I still do. I am making up for my weak math grades by taking math classes over the summer (starting this summer), and getting as much research experience and as good letters of recommendation as I can. Regarding math, I need to figure it out, but I have time. I have until July, when my classes start to figure out how to better understand the material, and to do well in the class. The reason that I am taking only one economics class this semester is because I have two classes for my IR major that I need to take, and an art GE. Doing a double major and a minor doesn't leave a lot of free space to take extra math and economics classes. I literally don't have much space in my schedule to do anything more than my major requirements, and maybe an extra class or two. The advanced macro class that I am taking doesn't really use any calc or advanced math, and it's more conceptual. As a result, it's not extremely technical, but I am hoping that if I do well in the class, I can remedy my B+ n intermediate macro. I was just asking for your help in choosing which option might be the best. I'm sorry if that's such a waste of your time, but you don't have to answer my thread. I am only asking for advice on what to do over the summer, since I have a lot of options.
  7. I'm not 100% sure that I have the option to do it at home, but I think that there is a pretty good chance of the professor letting me do it at home. I'm currently an RA for a professor at my home university, and although I'm studying abroad, I'm still doing research for him. Although not being physically in Singapore might be a bit of a problem it would allow me to take a math class over the summer, given that I don't think I can do that when I'm in Singapore. I'm considering going GRE prep over the summer. However, I'm not 100% sure about whether I want to go into an MA in economics program straight out of undergrad. I'm seriously considering working at a think tank or being an RA for an economics professor for a year or two after undergrad. Would this hurt my chances of getting int an MA program?
  8. Money is a bit of an issue, but if I get a grant from my university to go to Singapore, it won't really be that much of a problem. Regarding grad school, I'll take out loans, and get some support from my parents. My family is upper-middle class, so although I don't have an infinite amount of money, my parents can help out a bit.
  9. Thanks for your input. I'm thinking got getting an MA in economics first, and then hopefully go onto a PhD, provided that my math skills improve. My profile is as follows. I know that I have a weak math GPA, and am trying to improve it University: Top 40 liberal arts college Major: Economics and International Relations, minor in math GPA; 3.36 (overall), 3.59 (economics), 3.54 (international relations) Economics Courses: Principles of Econ I/II (A-,A-), Intermediate Macro/Micro (B+, B+), Econometrics (A-), Economic Development (A-), International Economics (A-), Advanced Macro (currently taking) Math Courses: Calc I/II/III (B-, C+, C+), Statistics (A-), Linear Algebra (planning on taking), Discrete Math (planning on taking), Real Analysis (planning on taking) GRE: not yet taken Research experience: Research and Data Intern at a immigration policy organization (did a lot of quant work in Excel, used Pivot tables to analyze data and wrote an analytical report), Intern at Economic Policy Research Institute (South African think tank) (did a lot of quant work in Stata, wrote lit reviews and reports, typical RA things), Research Assistant for an international relations prof. who is writing a paper on the effects of increased trade between China and ASEAN and China's currency devaluation on ASEAN economies (typical RA stuff, did some stuff in Excel and Stata, will be quoted in paper and mentioned as a contributor) (Prof.'s co author is the economist who I might work with in the summer) Letters of Recommendation: great, as a far as I know. One professor described by letter as "glowing" Other: Planning on publishing my econometrics paper on the effects that institutions have on recovery time from war in a peer reviewed undergraduate journal (Got an A+ on the paper and the professor who graded it described it as very strong) The thing about the Reship is that I might be under close supervision if I actually go to Singapore and work for him there. It's expensive and I need to find the money, but will figure out whether to take the offer once I get final decisions from the other places that I am applying to and have interviews with (See original post). I could do it from home and work remotely to save money, but wouldn't be under personal supervision. Would that be a problem? Also, I am planning on taking a math class in the summer in either Discrete Math or Linear Algebra no matter what I do.
  10. Thanks for for the advice. The only internship that will be short will be the one at the national bank of Poland, which will be 3 weeks. Other than that, all the other ones would be 8 to 10 weeks. In addition, I'm planning on taking a summer class in math regardless of which option I chose anyway. So it would be an internship and a summer math class. Does this change anything?
  11. Hi, I realize now that I have more options that I thought. The professor that I'm currently an RA for said that his coauthor, who has a PhD in economics, and specializes in the subfield that I'm interested in, development, wants me to be his RA for the summer. However, I also could, potentially, get offers from think tanks, that are non-development related. I have a lot of options to consider, but I don't know which one is best. I could use your guys' help here. Definite Options 1. National Bank of Poland internship and a summer class 2. Summer class 3. Doing research with an economist in Singapore and summer class. Speculative Options 4. Per Capita internship and a summer class 5. Center for Economic and Policy Research internship and a summer class 6. American Institute for Economic Research internship and a summer class 7. Institute for Economic Affairs and a summer class Which one is the best choice, assuming that I get offers to all the ones that are speculative at this point? Best, kevin1297
  12. I thought that I was going to get the Fed internship because I got an interview with the Richmond Fed, and I'm really good at interviewing, so I thought I was a shoe-in. I counted my chickens before they hatched, and assumed that something would happen when it didn't. I also didn't know about me not being able to apply for the AEA Summer program until after I made that post. So, if I misled anyone, I'm sorry. Can we get back to my original question please?
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