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  1. Yeah, I figured as much. I appreciate your response though. What do you mean by "although ucsb is higher ranked, it seems like there's not much separation in terms of research interests"
  2. Don't mean to be a pain, but I am really looking for a third party's opinion.
  3. So, after visiting AU, I realize that UCSC is probably a better place for me personally. Unfortunately, I am also in a committed relationship and my significant other is planning on moving with me. This will be her first full time job as she is graduating in May. Clearly, DC had many more job opportunities than SC, but do any of you know what the overall job market for an Econ/business double major would be out west? I am from the east coast so I am not familiar with it. Also, would the fact that she is moving with me change any of the above advice as to the superior choice?
  4. Hey everybody, I posted a similar topic a few weeks ago regarding two other schools, but I was recently accepted off the waitlist from UCSB so things have changed a little bit. My interests as of know lie in international finance and macroeconomics. My immediate career goal following my doctoral education (assuming I finish of course) is to work in the IMF. As my background is in physics, I have had light exposure to economics (intermediates, metrics, & intl fin) so my interests may change. As I said though, I loved my international finance course. I know that UCSC specializes in international stuff, but UCSB is ranked within the top 50 and I have been told to just go to the highest rank you get accepted to. This is the same reason why I am not considering American as much anymore despite its close ties to the IMF/WB/think tanks. To complicate things even more, my significant other will be moving with me I decide to go and will need to obtain employment as well (she's an econ undergrad). I was just hoping to get all of your thoughts and suggestions on which program is best suited for both my interests, career goals, and my girlfriend. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. So what would you all consider to be an appropriate estimate of AUs rank in the most recent rankings? I know that in a previous rank it was 71.
  6. Blanket: I have already taken a year off for personal reasons, so waiting for the next cycle is not an option for me. Bookworm: I was aware that pedigree mattered a great deal at the graduate level; however, several of the economics faculty members here were under the impression that outside of the top 50, it didn't make much of a difference anymore. Granted I am one of the first students my school's economics department has sent to graduate school, but some of them just finished up so I thought they would be somewhat knowledgeable about the current graduate school climate.
  7. Hey everybody! Let me begin by noting that this is my first post on urch so I apologize in advance for any lack of information on my part, double posts, or inappropriateness of this post in any way. As it is getting near the April 15 deadline to choose schools, I am faced with the dilemma of choosing between American University in DC or UCSC out west. I come from a physics background so my knowledge regarding economics programs is somewhat limited. Additionally, my fields of interest are probably more likely to change than someone who has had more exposure to the dismal science than I. Currently, however, I am most interested in International Finance, Macroeconomics, and possibly Macro-Development. From many of the rankings that I have seen, UCSC out ranks AU handily and is exceedingly strong in international economics as a whole. I have visited both schools and would not have a problem living in either city; although, I think that I would slightly prefer DC. On the other hand, the location, relative visibility, and internship opportunities of AU compared to UCSC would seem to be a huge bonus for AU. Given that my post-graduation plans as of now are to work in the private sector or for some type of policy organization (places like IMF/WB), does the location of AU more than make up for its ranking deficit? Also, I noticed that AU uses Klein for its math camp whereas UCSC uses Simon and Blume. From what I have gathered on these forums is that this would indicate that UCSC's program is more mathematically intense than AU's. Is there any way that I could make AU's program more mathematically intense based on my chosen fields and research track? My worry is that I will be stuck doing basic calculus (a bit of an exaggeration) if I attended AU's program. I appreciate any feedback you all could give me.
  8. I know this is an old post, but I am in a similar situation this cycle and am hoping that someone could provide some insight.
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