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  1. Just a question: why would they even accept me if they think I would not succed at their programm or that I am not a good match for them? :/ And another question: do you think that if I go to the visiting day, talk to them and show interest could they offer some funding or usually funding decisions are final and do not change that much?
  2. As the title says, I have been accepted to Rochester with full funding and to UCLA without funding. My research interests are macroeconomics. I am really interested into going to UCLA but the lack of funding (I even have to pay full tuition) for the first year disturbs me. I have the following questions: -How hard is it to get funding for the second year of study at UCLA? The email I got states that historically, all students who have "Satisfactory Academic Progress" usually get funding. “Satisfactory Academic Progress” includes a minimum 3.50 GPA and successful completion of all first-year core courses, plus Ph.D. level passes in written qualifying examinations in Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, and Quantitative Methods by June of 2016. Is this something that a lot of people (at least more than a half of the class) can achieve or just the top students? -If I do get funding for the second year, is it full funding or do I still have to pay some money myself? -What is the attrition rate at UCLA? -If I go to UCLA without funding the first year, I will have to get in a lot of debt. I definitely cannot afford more years without funding. On the other hand, Rochester offers me full funding for 5 years, subject to satisfactory progress. My question is: is the difference between Rochester and UCLA in macroeconomic fields (and maybe other fields in general) big enough that it could be worth taking the risk of assisting to a school without funding and without knowing if I will get funding on the second year onward? Help me!! :(
  3. I dont seem to find the link. If anyone else knows where the list of questions is I would be more than happy!
  4. I got admitted to Rochester with tuition scholarship and 20000 USD stipend. I also got admitted to UT with tuition scholarship and 15000 USD TA/Stippend package. Background: I do not hold a masters degree, I have 2 years of research experience and was top 5% of my class. My research interests are macroeconomics, monetary policy and labor. My spouse is going to come with me to the PhD and I hate cold, although I could live with that. I have several questions and any help would be greatly appreciated: 1.- Which University has a better macro department? From what I heard, Rochester is better and in the past, Texas macro department has been weak although its micro department is very good. I want to know if this is still the case or I am completely wrong. 2.- Which university is likely to have a higher atrittion rate? 3.- Which university has better job placement? 4.- Which university supports better its students and is aligned more to my research interests? 5.- And finally, which university is going to be better for my significant one? (She studied animation and digital arts). Thank you!
  5. Hi! My name is Daniel, and I applied to an economics Phd. I am waiting for answers.
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