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  1. Thanks! He has read the few posts here and will probably talk to his professors about a range.
  2. I just asked him about your question. His research experience mostly involves your usual STATA/R data stuff on top of editing manuscripts of the professor he was working with. He told me that the top economist recommended that he apply to "top PHD programs" before finding out about his subpar grades. The other two will also be very good letters from what he told me.
  3. Hi all, One of my friends in my Master's program wants to know what kinds of schools he should looking at: Undergraduate: Boston University School: Questrom School of Business Major: Finance GPA: 3.14 Graduate: Boston University Major: Economics GPA: 3.2 Economics Classes Taken: Undergraduate Micro/Macro: B/B, Master's Level Micro/Macro: B/B Master's Level Econometrics/Statistics: B/B Master's Level Grad Electives: B+/A-/A- Master's Level Economists for Mathematics: B PHD-level Macro: B+ Math Classes Taken: Calc I/II/III: A/A/A Linear Algebra: A- Intro to Analysis I/II: A/B+ Probability and Statistics: B GRE: Q 167/V 158/W 5.5 Research Experience: Two years of Experience Working with a BU Econ professor Recommendations: Two BU Econ Professors (one whom is ranked in the top 200 of all economists) and the BU instructor for Analysis (Full Professor at BU in Mathematics) Interest: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics What kinds of programs should he be looking at?
  4. I went to BU for my master's and I can attest to the great location. MIT/Harvard/BC are all nearby, so the seminars will be great!
  5. Harvard is top for behavioral. No other school comes close. HBS.
  6. I went to the BU master's program and know a few people that went to NYU program. It's a highly competitive program with 85% of students from China. If your goal is not to enter a top program and enter programs that are below BU or NYU's level, it is probably acceptable. Unless you come in with a very strong background, then it's also possible to get into a top 10 program. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.
  7. LA might be better than Amsterdam in some places, but I've heard that the two main universities there for Econ PHDs aren't located in the greatest of neigborhoods.
  8. I'd go with UCLA for some tracks and Michigan for others. Michigan or UCLA are better programs than Tinbergen for sure.
  9. Brown University, as it's an Ivy League University. If you don't as well as you hope in the program, it'll be better for non-academic placement. Boston University, if you want to collaborate more closely with the MIT/Harvard Economics department. It'll be easier to go to seminars and meet the people in Cambridge. I think BU has decent placement too, with some people getting placed at the LSE and other top programs. Quite the underrated program.
  10. Yale isn't too bad... Only a few Nobel Prize winners are on the Faculty there in the Department. I mean New Haven is not the safest of cities, but Yale has also excellent summer retreat facilities.
  11. That's not necessarily true. I have talked to someone in the PHD program and they're just processing the applications and getting them ready to be sent out very soon. I hope this helps.
  12. University of Rochester isn't that much worse on rankings than UCLA....
  13. First post ever here, but: 1. Institution: U Virginia Program: Economics, PhD Decision: Accepted Funding: Full + Stipend Notification Date: 3/4/15 Notified Through: Email 2. Institution: GWU Program: Economics, PhD Decision: Accepted Funding: Full + Stipend Notification Date: 3/3/15 Notified Through: Email 3. Institution: UPenn Program: Economics, PhD Decision: Waitlisted:( Funding: N/A Notification Date: 3/4/15 Notified Through: Email Previously: 4. Institution: LSE Program: MSc Economics Decision: Accepted Funding: N/A Notification Date: 2/25/15 Notified Through: Email 5. Institution: BGSE Program: MA Economics Decision: Accepted Funding: N/A Notification Date: 2/09/15 Notified Through: Email Choice: Waiting on Penn, but most likely BGSE/LSE to pump up that resume for a crack at MIT/Harvard/UChicago/Princeton!!
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